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The 2019-2020 UCLA Colloquium on Brazil

A forum for graduate students, post-doc fellows, faculty, and guest-speakers to present their research on Brazil

The 2019-2020 UCLA Colloquium on Brazil

The Colloquium on Brazil is entering its second year as a space for the UCLA community to engage with current academic and cultural production dealing with Brazil. This year, the Colloquium is supporting multidisciplinary lectures and round-tables addressing a range of subjects, from the current crises confronting Brazil to literature, music, and film. Through the Colloquium on Brazil, the Center for Brazilian Studies aims to foster community and collaboration among Brazilianists at UCLA and beyond, as well as raise awareness about the field of Brazilian Studies and educate the public about all things Brazil.


Here is the schedule of lectures for Fall Quarter:



Please keep a look out as new events may be added.