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Pacific World Research Network

Latin America and the Asia Pacific Region have been interconnected for centuries, through trade and labor migrations in the past and at present through diplomacy, trade, investment, tech transfer, transpacific human movements, and cultural exchange. In recent decades, these two world regions have revitalized old ties and developed new ones, opening up new opportunities for intellectual inquiry and scholarly research.

The Pacific World Research Network (PWRN) is a joint initiative of the Latin American Institute, the Asia Pacific Center, and the Center for Southeast Asian Studies at UCLA. The PWRN brings together scholars interested in doing research on Asians in Latin America and Latin Americans in Asia and on transpacific connections and interactions. Our vision is to build a regional resource center at UCLA for research and outreach activities on the Pacific Rim to connect California scholars to research projects and hubs in Latin America and Asia.

Currently 118 scholars from 19 countries on five continents belong to the network. For more information, or to join the PWRN mailing list, contact