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H. Clark Barrett

Department: Anthropology
341 Haines Hall - Box 951553
Los Angeles, CA 90095-155
Tel: x74260
Fax: 310-206-7833
Keywords: Latin America, Ecuador, Amazonia, Venezuela

My research takes an evolutionary psychological approach to understanding cognitive development by using parallel cross-cultural studies, primarily in the U.S. and among the Shuar of Ecuador, to test hypotheses about the design features of evolved psychological mechanisms. My recent research focuses on mechanisms that leverage features of social and natural environments to shape developmental outcomes. I am currently coordinator of anthropological research for the AHRC Culture and the Mind Project, in which we’re conducting parallel cross-cultural experiments on folk psychology, moral psychology, and the psychological mechanisms underlying artifacts and material culture. I am also a former director and faculty affiliate of the FPR-UCLA Center for Culture, Brain, and Development, and a member of the UCLA Center for Behavior, Evolution, and Culture.