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Arthur Winer

Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Department: Institute of the Environment and Sustainability
56-070 CHS
BOX 951772
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1772
Tel: (949) 278-3673
Keywords: Latin America, Public Health

Areas of Expertise
Air pollution, exposure assessment and atmospheric chemistry.

Professor Winer's research program focuses primarily on experimental and modeling studies concerned with air pollutant exposure assessment, with an emphasis on children's exposure to toxic air contaminants, including diesel exhaust. Recent and current field studies involve measurements in several microenvironments important for children's exposure, including residential homes, portable classrooms and diesel school buses. The overarching goal of all these field-based research projects is to more accurately characterize air pollutant exposure in critical microenvironments, rather than relying on data from and handful of fixed-site outdoor air monitors.