Central Asia Workshop

The Central Asia Workshop is an interdisciplinary working group for graduate students, faculty and visiting scholars, sponsored by the UCLA Program on Central Asia. The group brings together participants from a wide range of disciplines and historical periods, including historians and art historians, geographers, classicists, anthropologists, biologists, Islamic and Jewish studies, musicologists and philosophers. The group welcomes anyone with an interest in the region of Central Asia and the Caucasus or any border lands, including but not limited to Western China, Tibet, Russia, South Asia, the Persianate world, the Near East and the Balkans. The weekly format of the workshop ranges from presentations from participants preparing to attend professional conferences or publishing, to lectures by invited faculty and visiting scholars, to weekly peer review of participants’ ongoing work. On occasion, the workshop sponsors participants attending work on Central Asia within Los Angeles, including film screenings and art exhibitions. In addition to weekly programming, participants of the workshop will have the opportunity to meet with scholars invited to the Program on Central Asia and wider scholarly networks, as well as present their work at the annual graduate student conference in the spring.

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Meetings will be held weekly. Students who attend all workshops can receive course credit by enrolling in History M287/Anthropology M287/NELC M287.

For more information, please email caw@international.ucla.edu

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