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Central Asia Workshop

The Central Asia Workshop, sponsored by the APC’s Program on Central Asia, is a peer-led interdisciplinary working group that supports the research of graduate students, faculty, and visiting scholars from diverse fields who are  interested in Central Asia and its frontier regions, including to Western China, Tibet, the post-Soviet space, South Asia, the Persianate world, the Near East, the Caucasus, and the Balkans. The workshop is a platform for graduate students to share academic works-in-progress, including papers, prospectuses, chapters of dissertation, and grant applications. The group welcomes participants from a wide range of historical periods and disciplines whose interests lie in this broad and diverse region, including but not limited to History, Geography, Religious Studies, Classical Studies, Literature, Sociology, Anthropology, Archaeology, Philosophy, Ethnomusicology, or any other field, so long as their research interests pertain to the geopolitical space defined as Central Asia.  Course credit is available.


Please contact caw@international.ucla.edu for information.

Upcoming Meetings

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Meetings will be held weekly. Students who attend all workshops can receive course credit by enrolling in History M287/Anthropology M287/NELC M287.

For more information, please email caw@international.ucla.edu

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