Students can click HERE for the list of the faculty members who are eligible to be nominated to serve on students' committees.


Harold Torrence, Chair, African Studies

Hannah Appel, Ph.D., Anthropology, International Institute
Andrew Apter, Ph.D., History, International Institute
Ruby Bell-Gam, University Librarian, ex officio
Stephanie Bosch Santana, Ph.D., Comparative Literature
Edith Mukudi Omwami, Ph.D., Education
Jemima Pierre, Ph.D., African American Studies
Paula A. Tavrow, Ph.D., Community Health Sciences
Dominic R. Thomas, Ph.D., Comparative Literature, French & Francophone Studies
Harold Torrence, Ph.D., Linguistics
Hollian Wint, Ph.D., History 
Alden Young, Ph.D., African American Studies, International Institute

Affiliated Faculty



First Year Students

 Tosin Attah

Home state/city: Lagos, Nigeria
Undergraduate school and major: BA in International Relations, King’s College London

Research interests: Tosin's research interests include Pan Africanism, Post-independence development of African nations & their governance and the economic importance of Africa in the new world order.

Continuing Students

 Ajah Whitehead

Home state/city: Long Beach, CA
Undergraduate school and major: UC Santa Barbara, Global Studies (B.A.), minor in French and Translation Studies

Research interests: Ajah is interested in researching political development in Francophone West Africa. More specifically--analyzing the potential applications of Pan-Africanist ideology in West African governance structures and leadership.

 DeDe DeDe

Home state/city: Philadelphia, PA
Undergraduate degree: African Studies/ World History

 Isis Fuller

Home state/city: Oakland, CA
Undergraduate school and major: Howard University, Biology (B.S.)

Research interests: Culture and beliefs regarding reproductive health in East Africa and how education, access to resources, and policies can positively impact reproductive health and decision making.

 Jordan Smith

Home city/state: Compton, CA
African-American Studies B.A., Anthropology B.S., UC Riverside

Jordan’s research interests focus on Sociocultural and Medical Anthropology, with an emphasis on the history, migration patterns, health, mass incarceration, race and racism, and heritages concerning African and African Diasporic communities.


Recent Graduates

 Keyvon Pierre

Home city/state: Los Angeles, CA
Screenwriting BA, Loyola Marymount University 

Keyvon is interested in exploring how African roots music influenced hip-hop and other Black American music. He is  interested in discovering more about African Film as well as African people before colonization to be able to teach an honest, accurate Black History course.

 Taylor Thomas

Home state/city: Delaware
St. John’s University; B.S in Biology with a minor in Chemistry

Taylor is interested in establishing health initiatives in Africa, specifically centered around Women's and Adolescent health. Also, the exploitation of Africa and the implications this has on modern medicine and the healthcare system.



Yumi Kinoshita, Academic Advisor


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