Harold Torrence, Chair, African Studies

Hannah Appel, Ph.D., Anthropology, International Institute
Stephanie Bosch Santana, Ph.D., Comparative Literature
Edith Mukudi Omwami, Ph.D., Education
Jemima Pierre, Ph.D., African American Studies
Allen F. Roberts, Ph.D., French and Francophone Studies, World Arts & Cultures/Dance
Paula A. Tavrow, Ph.D., Community Health Sciences
Dominic R. Thomas, Ph.D., Comparative Literature, French & Francophone Studies
Harold Torrence, Ph.D., Linguistics
Hollian Wint, Ph.D., History
Ruby Bell-Gam, University Librarian, ex officio


Affiliated Faculty

First Year Students


Marcus Amico

Foreign Area Studies B.S., United States Air Force Academy

Hometown: Eagle River, Alaska

Marcus is  mainly interested in the impact of education on political instability in West Africa. He has a vested interest in how political instability breeds conflict, and how this conflict might be avoided in order to prevent overly interventionist strategies from pervading American foreign policy in the region.

Quillen Crenshaw

Philosophy & Religion B.A., Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

Hometown:  Atlanta, GA 

Quillen's  research includes the economics, anthropology, and religious traditions of Africa. 

Nathaniel Kweku 

Business Administration B.A., USC

Hometown:  North Hollywood, CA

Nathaniel's  research interests include Film/TV, Entertainment, Holistic Representations in Media.

Amed Florentino Galo Moji Lopez

History undergraduate, UCLA

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Amed's research focuses on prison systems, criminality, and experiences of inmates in Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa.


Abi Mbaye

Africana Studies B.A/ English B.A, Tulane University

Hometown: New York

Abi's research interest is around decolonizing systems and institutions, especially in academia.


Camilla Smoot

Communications B.A.

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT 

Camilla is  interested in the causes and effects of civil wars and genocides, specifically in Central and Southern Africa. She was able to study the Rwandan Genocide and spent a summer in Rwanda and Uganda where she  spoke to many survivors and perpetrators of the genocide. She is  also interested in studying how conflicts in surrounding countries have effected the modern day government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Second Year Students

Louise Hyland

 English B.A., Concordia University Irvine

 Hometown: Newport Beach, originally from South Africa

Louise has two main research interests: The first is cross cultural food, particularly African food and its role in assisting to bridge political, social, and cultural gaps between people.  She is also very interested in South African literature from pre-apartheid through to current day post-apartheid.   


Doyle McKinney

International Studies B.A., CSU Long Beach

Doyle's research interests include water scarcity, environmental degradation and public health in Sub-Saharan Africa, and the effects of development on health and environment, specifically, the proliferation of fast food and intersection of development, disenfranchisement, and advertising.


Xiuling Zhang 

Sociology B.A., University of Boston

Xiuling worked as an intern at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) in Kigali, Rwanda for the summer. Her fieldwork mainly focused on two areas: first, facilitating IITA’s banana and cassava projects, and, second, concentrating on Rwanda agriculture and animal resources development board(RAB)’s cooperation with IITA. Her research found that RAB plays essential roles in its collaboration with IITA and other NGOs. RAB’s participation enables the incorporation of local knowledge and expertise into developmental projects, which makes the developmental projects better suit local context and serve for the country's agenda.



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