International Education Week: Nov. 6...

The International Institute led a busy International Education Week (IEW) 2022 at UCLA from November 7 to 10, bringing together faculty, students, alumni and staff to commemorate the value of international education and exchange.

Supported by 27 campus sponsors, IEW offered 38 in-person and virtual events that spanned cultural performances, career events, fellowship information sessions, academic skills training, martial arts workshops and lectures on global issues. Slightly more than half of all IEW events were held in person — the largest percentage since the coronavirus pandemic began in early 2020.

The campus favorite “Bruins Around the World” evening spilled into the following week and attracted a large audience at Carnesale Commons on November 15, where performances by diverse student cultural associations were enthusiastically received.

The signature event of the week, the UCLA Global Conversation, was held at the UCLA Faculty Club on November 10. Cosponsored by the Los Angeles Consular Corps, the gathering made a tangible connection between the global priorities of foreign nations and the work their diplomats do at the local level. In a sign of its global importance, Los Angeles is home to 97 consuls general, who collectively comprise the third largest consular corps in the world.


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