Call for Donations: Ukraine Fund for Students and Scholars at Risk

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As Russia pursues its relentless attack on Ukraine, with tragic consequences for tens of millions of people globally, CERS is launching a fundraising program intended to support Ukrainian students at UCLA and scholars displaced or at risk as a result of the conflict in Ukraine. These efforts form part of an emerging response at CERS and the International Institute that includes scholarly forums and cross-center and cross-disciplinary initiatives concerning current crises across diverse regions.

Our first priority is to secure funding that would provide stipends for UCLA students whose financial situation and travel plans have been directly affected by the conflict. There are currently 17 students from Ukraine enrolled in UCLA programs. As many of them will likely need to extend their stay beyond the end of the current academic year, into the summer months and possibly longer, our support will help alleviate some of their immediate and medium-term financial concerns, allowing them to continue their studies.

We also seek funding that would allow us to host one or more visiting scholars at UCLA in the next academic year, working in conjunction with other UCLA departments and with national organizations such as Scholars at Risk. Scholars impacted by the conflict would be able to pursue their academic projects and activities at UCLA, while their expertise would greatly contribute to diversifying the university’s curriculum, enhancing our center’s programming, and deepening our students’ understanding of a conflict with major geopolitical and humanitarian implications.

Your contributions will provide crucial support for students and scholars at the time of their greatest need. Thank you!



To make a donation online, please visit our dedicated Ukraine Fund donation page:


Please make your check payable to the UCLA Foundation, specify “Ukraine Fund” in the memo line, and mail to:

UCLA Center for European and Russian Studies
11367 Bunche Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1446



CERS in partnership with other UCLA departments is disseminating information about UCLA initiatives designed to support UCLA students and provide visiting positions at UCLA for scholars directly affected by the war in Ukraine. For more information, visit the Ukraine Initiatives at UCLA page.