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Summer 2024 Courses

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Learn about global governance

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Study global markets and economies

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Explore ways that culture and people move across borders

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Academic Programs




Understand the processes of globalization, and become empowered to shape your world as the next generation of global leaders.


Elizabeth Zelinsky "Start looking at what clubs you may want to be a part of towards the end of the summer! [It's] an amazing way to find a community on campus..." 
- Elizabeth Zelinsky

Will Flanagan "[Global Studies] is an interdisciplinary major that requires me to take classes in [different] departments. It's also a very customizable major. Since I am interested in international politics and business, I can take classes that concentrate more on those topics." 
- Will Flanagan

Elisa Ciappi "Studying is important, but nothing has fulfilled me more than being able to grow alongside encouraging, passionate individuals who make me a better person and gave me opportunities to develop personally and professionally." 
- Elisa Ciappi


These are just a few of the many paths your career could take with Global Studies!


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"As someone who works in the field of recruitment[...], it is the broad understanding of the modern globalized world and the understanding of history, politics and economics that you learn in this program that will set you apart from other candidates."

Katya Daniel, Director of Talent Acquisition, TigerConnect

"While I was certain I wanted a graduate-level education in the two subjects I found so fascinating [microbiology and global studies], I didn’t feel ready to decide the exact direction of my future studies without some real-world experience first."

Wayne Wong, Peace Corps volunteer in Uganda




These are a few of the many interesting courses you could take during the summer! They have no pre-requisites:

  •     GLBL ST 1 | Intro to Global Studies
  • GLBL ST 140 | Hollywood & America's Global Image


Participate in an immersive summer Travel Study program to earn major/minor credit

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The UCLA International Institute stands in solidarity with our Black, Asian, and Asian American students and colleagues, and against racial injustice. We pledge to continue to promote research, education, and service that strive for a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive world. Please visit our Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion committee's webpage for resources for racial trauma and anti-racism.