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The Academic Programs offered through the UCLA International Institute allow students to focus on a particular area of study - either a specific geographic area, or a global comparative and issue-oriented approach - through a variety of disciplines across campus. The Institute also offers its own courses taught by core teaching faculty under the following subject areas: African Studies, Global Health, Global Studies, International & Area Studies, International Development Studies, International Migration Studies, and Latin American Studies.


Photo for International Institute seniors distinguish themselves...

International Institute seniors distinguish themselves through activism, research and academic performance

Four stellar International Institute seniors won awards from the International Development Studies Program, and a global studies senior built an impressive foundation in consulting and research skills that led to a full-time job.
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Photo for Global Development Lab showcases student-designed...

Global Development Lab showcases student-designed projects, awards funding

The GDL's Project Incubator culminated in an evening of presentations on May 31, 2023, when three student teams presented community engagement projects for potential seed funding.
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Photo for Global studies framework connects senior

Global studies framework connects senior's life, family heritage and international interests

“I stumbled upon global studies, which, as an interdisciplinary major, felt very much geared toward what I wanted to study. I felt the skills that I would learn were very malleable and transferable,” says graduating senior Jordy Magallanes.
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Photo for IDS senior balanced international studies...

IDS senior balanced international studies with social justice activism

Sophie Zane pursued a double major, wrote a departmental honors thesis and — in true Bruin fashion — volunteered for several social justice organizations during her undergraduate studies.
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Photo for Love of Japanese led this...

Love of Japanese led this Bruin to Asian studies

International Institute senior Jasmine Mundo graduates this June with plans to study in Japan.
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Photo for Study abroad program fuels friendships...

Study abroad program fuels friendships & career plans

Emily Moreira's advice for Bruins considering a study abroad program is threefold: "Make a pre-trip plan, familiarize yourself with the culture and language and step out of your comfort zone."
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Photo for Bruin thrives at UCLA by...

Bruin thrives at UCLA by combining academic studies with hands-on experience

Bruin senior Wudia Kamara has pursued an amazingly broad range of opportunities inside and outside the classroom at UCLA, enabling her to build solid business skills while acquiring a comparative international perspective on economics and economic development.
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Photo for From Kwame Nkrumah

From Kwame Nkrumah's “Neocolonialism” to study abroad in Ghana

Hayley Farrell, an international development studies major, has spent her senior year studying at the University of Ghana while interning at a non-profit in Accra.
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Photo for “Gaming” the major

“Gaming” the major

In her four years at UCLA, global studies senior Isabel Wong parlayed her interests in globalization, gaming and business into three valuable internships that helped her identify a future marketing career in the interactive entertainment industry.
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Photo for Senior combines love of science...

Senior combines love of science and development studies in her IDS major

International Institute student Stephanie Perez graduates this June with an IDS major and double minors in global health and global studies.Her education has led her to choose a future in public health.
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Photo for Global health students publish research...

Global health students publish research article

A literature review on gastric cancer in South Korea and France written by three global health students has been published in the Journal of Student Research.
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Photo for Graduating seniors earn honors

Graduating seniors earn honors

International Development Studies students received academic and activist awards, and a Global Studies senior has been accepted into a UCLA doctoral program.
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Photo for Graduate profile: IDS Academic Award...

Graduate profile: IDS Academic Award winner Katherine Gan

Looking back at the IDS program, Katherine says, “It has enriched my understanding of what is going on in the world and how the past (e.g., colonial legacies such as racism) can affect our current global situation.”
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Photo for Soon-to-be graduate wins 2021 Activist...

Soon-to-be graduate wins 2021 Activist Award

“The thing that I value the most about the International Development Studies major is the opportunities it has provided me, ranging from chances for volunteering to traveling to internships,” says Laura Rabago, who is slated to graduate in December.
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Photo for Global Studies student finds her...

Global Studies student finds her voice in interfaith activism and community

When Rucha Modi graduates in June, she will not only have earned a B.A. in global studies, but accumulated a rich body of experience in interfaith activism.
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