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April 2020

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Victor Agadjanian: A demographer informed by ethnography
Dov Waxman takes on the tough issues
image for globeCelebrating Bruin women for International Women's Day
Grad student survives illness, excels in Ph.D. program
Alumna works to change criminal justice system
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A triple alumnus of UCLA, Larry Lauerhass (1935-2019) helped build the university's impressive Latin American collection, contributed greatly to Latin American and Brazilian Studies and was a generous donor to UCLA.
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The UCLA International Institute is thrilled to announce that it received nearly $51 million in gifts and pledges over the course of the UCLA Centennial Campaign, far exceeding our goal of $35 million. This amount includes over $8 million in student support and $28 million in endowment gifts. We are deeply grateful to our many generous donors, among whom are 650 alumni, and our faculty and staff, for their incredible support. None of this could have been done without them. The Institute specifically extends a warm thank you to its excellent and hardworking development team: Aaron Cervantes, Karin Shaw and Atticus Batacan.

image for globeMessage from Vice Provost Cindy Fan

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As UCLA, the nation, and indeed the world are facing the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, I would like to send you my warm wishes for your wellness, safety and health.

UCLA has moved from classroom teaching to remote learning throughout spring quarter and summer session A, most students have returned home, and except for essential operations, virtually all staff are working remotely. I'd like to thank the International Institute's excellent IT team, and all our staff and faculty, for their continued dedication and heroic work under difficult circumstances. And I congratulate our students for finishing up winter quarter and wish them the best as we all navigate remote learning this quarter.

We are reminded by the pandemic that global problems require global and collective solutions. Please do not let physical distancing impede our collaborative spirit and partnerships, nor lead to social isolation. Please take heart and regularly reach out to others. I’d like to share this website that has the latest UCLA COVID-19 updates, this link for donations to UCLA Health (including for healthcare supplies) and this link to support our students who are in financial hardship. If we do it right and together, we can flatten the curve and along the way strengthen our global and local communities.

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