The UCLA Latin American Institute is a vital regional, national, and international resource on Latin America. Since its founding in 1959, the LAI has equipped generations of leaders, professionals, and students with the information and skills required for understanding the vast and complex region of Latin America. The LAI supports research by funding grants and foreign-language instruction, and disseminates recent scholarship through conferences, workshops, public programs, teacher training, and publications.


New endowment strengthens and diversifies Latin American Studies M.A. Program

The Sandra Mabritto Memorial Fellowship Fund will provide permanent support for master's degree students in Latin American Studies at UCLA, laying the foundation for the program's sustainability.

Serendipity, history and the creative imagination

The latest works of novelist and literary scholar José Luiz Passos explore the limits of fiction and history, giving readers emotional connections to historical events and figures.

LAI Tinker Recipient Publishes Article on Ecuadorian Amazon Research

2017 Tinker Recipient Ana María Durán used grant to study urbanization and infrastructure development projects in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Her results have been published by online journal, E-FLUX (an editorial affiliate of the Oslo Triennale).

Writing contemporary indigenous ethnography

Mariana Bayo Mora described a decade of ethnographic research with the Tsetal and Tojolabal peoples of the Zapatista territory in Chiapas, Mexico, as a collaborative experience in which the indigenous communities insisted on shaping her research methods.

Veronica Cortinez publishes new book

The edited volume explores the cinematography of Chilean filmmaker Raúl Ruiz.

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