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Zika seminar hosted at UCLA

A recent seminar on the Zika virus drew researchers from Brazil and throughout California.

Zika seminar hosted at UCLA

Dr. Karin Nielsen (center), director of the Center for Brazilian Studies, with researchers from UCLA, USC, UCSF and Fiocruz, Brazil. (Photo: Peggy McInerny/ UCLA.)

From February 28 through March 2, the Center for Brazilian Studies and the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA organized and hosted a seminar devoted to current research on Zika. The event was very well received and most of the basic scientists working on Zika were present.

Six medical doctors/researchers (Patricia Brasil, Jose Paulo Pereira Dr. Bebeth Moreira, Andrea Zin, Zilton Vasconcelos, Beth Portari) from Instituto Fernandes Figueria, Fiocruz (Brazil) came especially for the seminar. 

Other presenters included researchers from UCLA, USC, UCSF, and the Biomedical Institute of Southern California. Among them were Karin Nielsen, Umme-Aiman Halai, Irena Tsui, Stephanie Valderramos, Kara-Lee Pool, Kristina Adachi, Trevon Fuller, Nicholas Webb, Saba Aliyari, Danyang Gong, Vaithi Arumugaswami, Javier Chen, Jolin Foo, Susan Fisher, Pamela Odorizzi, Dennis Poon and Wei Gao.

Altogether, some 50 researchers attended the seminar.