Nahuatl Conference and Festival

The two-day event celebrating Nahuatl features an academic conference at UCLA on May 4th and a cultural festival in Downtown LA on May 5th.

Nahuatl Conference and Festival

The Western Alliance for Nahuatl is honored to host the 2018 Nahuatl Conference here in Los Angeles!

On Day One, professors, students, and scholars will convene at UCLA to share their research on Nahuatl! Panels will focus on the new resources to learn Nahuatl and will highlight the language and its culture. For more details, please visit the event page below. 

On Day Two, everyone is welcome to celebrate Nahuatl language and culture at LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes. For more information on the Nahua Festival, please visit the event page below.

The conference will be in Nahuatl, Spanish, and English. 

Conference Organized and Sponsored by the Western Alliance for Nahuatl with partial funding from a Title VI/NRC Grant from the United States Department of Education