LAI Summer Research Grant Recipients

LAI Summer Field Graduate Research small grants 2020 Recipients

LAI Summer Research Grant Recipients

Addison Woolsey

Latin American Studies

"Searching for ’the soul of all mankind’: Maud Oakes in Todos Santos"

Andres Gonzalez

Urban Planning

"Environmental Spatial Planning at a Distance: A facilitation toolbox for remote, equity driven planning with BIPOC youth”

Cesar Martinez Alvarez

Political Science

Estefanía Castañeda Pérez

Political Science

“State of Exception: Everyday Criminalization and Racialization of Transborder Commuters at the Mexico-U.S. Border”

Julia González Calderón

Spanish and Portuguese

“The Numbers of Central American Crime Fiction: Audience Reception and Editorial

Markets in the Isthmus”

Louise Deglin

Art History

“Making Things Their Own: Artistic Practices in the Wari Empire”

Mandie Nuanes

Latin American Studies

“Selling Haiti: Picture Postcards as a Key to Securing US International Trade and Inspiring Tourism to Haiti, 1914 - 1934"

Miranda Saylor

Art History

“Sor María de Ágreda and Sacred Art in Eighteenth-Century Mexico”

Oscar Contreras


“Deportation and Illegal Economies in the US-Mexico Border”

Samuel Brandt


“Philanthropy, Housing and Sense of Place in Rural Uruguay”

Tania Bride


“Indigenous Mexican Language Religious Texts in US Research Libraries”


Whitney Nakashima

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

“Genomic signals of climate adaptation in resident Yellow Warblers of Southeast Mexico”