Anna More

Associate Professor
Department: Spanish and Portuguese
Box 951532
5317 Rolfe Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1532
Tel: 310-825-8109
Fax: 310-206-4757
Keywords: Latin America, Mexico, Comparative Latin America

Anna More (BA, Harvard 1993; PhD UC Berkeley 2003) specializes in the colonial period of the Iberian Americas with a particular focus on baroque aesthetics, historiography, and race in colonial Mexico. Her first book, under contract with the University of Pennsylvania Press, examines the relationships among baroque aesthetics, imperial politics, and the formation of a local archive in colonial Mexico. Through readings of the diverse works of the seventeenth-century creole polymath Carlos de Sigü enza y Góngora, together with a variety of Spanish, creole and indigenous writings, she argues that archival politics provided a new form of regional sovereignty during a period of Spanish imperial decline.

Prof. More is currently working on a comparative study of economy and excess in texts from and about the seventeenth-and eighteenth-century Spanish and Portuguese empires. She is interested in how economic metaphors enter into a range of texts from the Iberian baroque, particularly through the repeated figures of barbarism and riches. She also continues to work on the formation of archives, historiography and temporality in Mexico and the baroque and neo-baroque as a language of memory in Latin America.