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David Delgado  Shorter

Department: World Arts & Cultures/Dance
Box 951608
Kaufman Hall, Ste 150
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1608
Tel: 310-206-6699
Fax: 310-825-7507
Keywords: Latin America, Cultural Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Mexico

David Delgado Shorter is Professor of World Arts and Cultures/Dance at the University of California Los Angeles. The author of an award-winning book and the recipient of the University's top teaching award, Dr. Shorter has created three digital publications, produced and directed an ethnographic film, and curated exhibits both on-line and in Los Angeles. His research includes over two decades of collaboration with an Indigenous community in Mexico and studying the borderland between the objective and intersubjective sciences. He has been interviewing psychics, mediums, and ufologists for the last decade, joining others to expand our definition of truth and knowledge. 

In 2016, Shorter became the Director of the Archive of Healing, a database of medicinal folklore from around the world. The database is drawn from six university archives, over 3,200 books, and over thirty years of first hand and second hand anthropological data, spanning seven continents. Working with a team of students at UCLA studying healing across cultures, Dr. Shorter aims to develop an active archive where people and communities can benefit from the sharing of healing practices.