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Elisabeth Le Guin

Professor Emerita
Department: Musicology
Keywords: Music, Mexico

Elisabeth Le Guin was professor of Musicology at UCLA from 1997-2022, when she became Emerita. She remains involved with the School of Music as a colleague, mentor, facilitator, and informal student adviser.

Le Guin’s academic research has journeyed from Italy (Boccherini’s Body, UC Press, 2008) to Spain (The Tonadilla in Performance, UC Press, 2014) to the Gulf of Mexico (current research), asking questions about the historiographies of embodied performance along the way. She has received awards from the ACLU and the American Musicological Society, and is a member of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences. A 2019 Guggenheim Fellowship funded her bilingual, community-based podcast/radio show “Si yo fuera una canción,” in which ordinary people in Santa Ana, California, tell us about the songs they love.