Leisy Abrego

Associate Professor of Chicana/o Studies

Tendayi Achiume

Assistant Professor of Law

Victor Agadjanian

Professor of Sociology

Amada Armenta

Assistant Professor of Urban Planning

Sameer Ashar

Professor of Law

Matt Barreto

Professor of Political Science and Chicano Studies

Leah Boustan

Professor of Economics

Karida Brown

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Jennifer Chacon

Professor of Law

Jennifer Jihye Chun

Associate Professor, Asian American Studies and International Institute

Jason De Leon

Professor of Anthropology and Chicano Studies

Ingrid Eagly

Professor of Law

Lieba Faier

Associate Professor, Geography

Marjorie Faulstich Orellana

Associate Director, Center for the Study of International Migration & Professor, Graduate School of Education & Information Studies

Lorrie Frasure-Yokley

Associate Professor of Political Science

Andrew Fuligni

Professor of Psychology

Patricia Gandara

Research Professor of Education

Jamie Goodwin-White

Assistant Professor of Geography

Patricia Greenfield

Distinguished Professor of Psychology

Laurie Kain Hart

Professor of Anthropology

MarySue Heilemann

Associate Professor of Nursing

Rubén Hernández-León

Director. Professor, Department of Sociology

Lane Hirabayashi

George and Sakaye Aratani Professor of Asian American Studies

Gail Kligman

Associate Vice Provost, International Institute

Helga Leitner

Professor of Geography

Kelly Lytle Hernandez

Associate Professor of History

Natalie Masuoka

Associate Professor of Political Science and Asian American Studies

Cecilia Menjivar

Professor of Sociology

Rashmita Mistry

Professor of Education

Hiroshi Motomura

Susan Westerberg Prager Professor of Law

Paul Ong

Professor of Urban Planning

Vilma Ortiz

Professor of Sociology

Kyeyoung Park

Associate Professor of Anthropology

Efren Perez

Professor of Political Science

Margaret Peters

Associate Professor of Political Science

Ninez Ponce, PhD, MPP

Professor, Health Policy and Management

Nina Rabin

Director of the Immigrant Family Legal Clinic

Michael Rodríguez

Professor, UCLA Department of Family Medicine

Robert Chao Romero

Associate Professor of Chicana/o Studies

Carlos Santos

Assistant Professor of Social Welfare

Shannon Speed

Associate Professor of Anthropology

Carola Suarez-Orozco

Professor of Education

Marcelo Suarez-Orozco

Dean, GSE&IS; Distinguished Professor of Education

Abel Valenzuela

Professor of Chicano/a Studies

Arturo Vargas-Bustamante

Associate Professor of Public Health

Roger Waldinger

Director, Center for the Study of International Migration & Distinguished Professor, Sociology

Steven P. Wallace, PhD

Associate Director (UCLA Center for Health Policy Research); Chair (Department of Community Health Sciences)

David Yoo

Professor of Asian American Studies

Chris Zepeda-Millan

Associate Professor of Public Policy and Chicana/o Studies

Min Zhou

Director, Asia Pacific Center

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