IMS Minor - Program Requirements & Courses


Please review the International Migration Studies Minor Worksheet for all requirements for the minor, as well as the Course Descriptions to get a good sense of the scope of the coursework:

International Migration Studies Minor Worksheet
International Migration Studies Course Descriptions

For a list of approved courses not listed on the minor worksheet, please review the Additional Courses list, updated quarterly:

Additional Courses


Application: Students are expected to apply to the International Migration Studies minor no later than the Spring Quarter of their Junior Year. 

Core Course: Students are highly encouraged to take either core course (Sociology 151 or Sociology 152) prior to or concurrent with applying to the International Migration Studies minor.  Students who take both Sociology 151 and Sociology 152 may apply one toward the elective requirement.

Elective Courses: Students may take elective courses either prior to or after acceptance to the International Migration Studies minor.  Note that most upper division courses have enrollment restrictions (generally limiting enrollment for that department’s own majors) on first pass, but check on second pass if enrollment restrictions have been lifted!  Note that a maximum of two courses from any single department is allowed.

I M Std 155: Student accepted to the International Migration Studies minor are expected to enroll in I M Std 155 (Theory, Research, and Methods in the Study of International Migration) during the Fall Quarter of their Senior Year.  The course is limited to declared International Migration Studies minors only.

I M Std 199: International Migration Studies minors are expected to enroll in I M Std 199 (Directed Individual Research in International Migration Studies) at the end of their undergraduate academic career.  The goal of the course is to write a thesis on a particular topic related to international migration of your interest of approximately 30 pages in length.  Be sure to review the I M Std 199 - Thesis Guidelines!



All courses used towards the International Migration Studies minor must be taken for a letter grade. The minimum letter grade for each course is a C.

A minimum of 20 units applied toward the minor requirements must be in addition to units applied toward major requirements or another minor.

Students must apply for the International Migration Studies minor. Once accepted, students must request that the minor be added to their academic records.

Students are encouraged to enroll in I M Std 193 (Colloquia and Speaker Series), when offered. The course may be repeated for credit. This course provides an introduction to current scholarship in the field of international migration through attendance at events sponsored by the UCLA Center for the Study of International Migration.



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