Teaching Faculty

The Academic Programs offered through the UCLA International Institute allow students to focus on a particular area of study - either a specific geographic area, or a global comparative and issue-oriented approach - through a variety of disciplines across campus. The Institute also offers its own courses taught by core teaching faculty under the following subject areas: African Studies, International & Area Studies, International Development Studies, Global Health, Global Studies, and Latin American Studies.

A growing number of UCLA faculty have joint appointments through the International Institute along with another department on campus.  These faculty include:

Victor  Agadjanian

Victor Agadjanian

Professor, International Institute & Sociology

Hannah  Appel

Hannah Appel

Associate Professor, International Institute & Anthropology

Andrew  Apter

Andrew Apter

Professor, International Institute & Anthropology

Jennifer J.  Chun

Jennifer J. Chun

Associate Professor, International Institute & Asian American Studies
Equity Advisor, International Institute

Kevan  Harris

Kevan Harris

Associate Professor, International Institute & Sociology

Laurie Kain  Hart

Laurie Kain Hart

Professor, International Institute and Anthropology
Director, Center for European and Russian Studies (on leave 2023-2024)

Patrick  Heuveline

Patrick Heuveline

Professor, International Institute & Sociology

Ippolytos  Kalofonos

Ippolytos Kalofonos

Assistant Professor, International Institute & Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences
Chair, Global Health

Eric  Min

Eric Min

Assistant Professor, International Institute & Political Science

Adam  Moore

Adam Moore

Professor, International Institute & Geography
Chair, International and Area Studies

Tejas  Parasher

Tejas Parasher

Assistant Professor, International Institute & Political Science

Margaret  Peters

Margaret Peters

Professor, International Institute & Political Science
Chair, Global Studies

Daniel  Posner

Daniel Posner

Professor, International Institute & Political Science

Shaina  Potts

Shaina Potts

Assistant Professor, International Institute & Geography

Kal  Raustiala

Kal Raustiala

Professor, International Institute & School of Law
Director, Burkle Center for International Relations

Michael L.  Ross

Michael L. Ross

Professor, International Institute & Political Science

Utpal  Sandesara

Utpal Sandesara

Assistant Professor, International Institute & School of Medicine

Dov  Waxman

Dov Waxman

Director, Younes and Soraya Nazarian Center for Israel Studies

Alden  Young

Alden Young

Associate Professor, International Institute & African American Studies

Other instructors of courses offered through the International Institute Academic Programs include the following UCLA faculty and lecturers:

Moses  Adégbọlá

Moses Adégbọlá

Lecturer, International Institute

Abraham K.  Adhanom

Abraham K. Adhanom

Lecturer, International Institute

Erica  Anjum

Erica Anjum

Deputy Director, African Studies Center
Lecturer, International Institute

Cameron  Brandt Flores

Cameron Brandt Flores

Lecturer, International Institute

Marjorie  Elaine <span style="font-size: 0.9em">(formerly Marjorie Faulstich Orellana)</span>

Marjorie Elaine (formerly Marjorie Faulstich Orellana)

Associate Vice Provost, International Institute
Associate Director, Center for the Study of International Migration

Rebecca  Feinberg

Rebecca Feinberg

Lecturer, International Institute

Alex  Franklin

Alex Franklin

Lecturer, International Institute

Jennifer  Jung-Kim

Jennifer Jung-Kim

Assistant Director, Center for Buddhist Studies
Lecturer, International Institute


Ann Kerr

Coordinator, Visiting Fulbright Scholar Enrichment Program for Los Angeles Metropolitan Area, UCLA International Institute


Yuen-ching Bellette Lee

Lecturer, Political Science

William  Marotti

William Marotti

Associate Professor, History
Chair, East Asian Studies

Adina  Matisoff

Adina Matisoff

Lecturer, International Institute

Robert M.  McCann

Robert M. McCann

Adjunct Professor, Anderson School of Management
Director, Leadership Communication Program

Sharon  Nazarian

Sharon Nazarian

Lecturer, International Institute


Paul Park

Lecturer, International Institute

Bonnie  Taub

Bonnie Taub

Associate Director, Latin American Institute
Co-Chair, Latin American Studies

Dominic  Thomas

Dominic Thomas

Chair and Madeleine L. Letessier Professor, European Languages and Transcultural Studies
Professor, Department of Comparative Literature

Lara  Vu

Lara Vu

Lecturer, International Institute

Roger  Waldinger

Roger Waldinger

Director, Center for the Study of International Migration

Chris  Wegemer

Chris Wegemer

Lecturer, International Institute

Damon  Woods

Damon Woods

Lecturer, International Institute

Yunxiang  Yan

Yunxiang Yan

Interim Director, Center for Chinese Studies (Fall 2023-Winter 2024)

Steve  Zipperstein

Steve Zipperstein

Distinguished Senior Fellow, Center for Middle East Development
Assistant Adjunct Professor, International Institute and Public Affairs

We are also pleased to have the following Visiting Faculty for the upcoming academic year: