The UCLA International Institute is proud of our global community of over 10,000 alumni. Alumni of the International Institute comprise a distinguished group of scholars, educators, diplomats, law professionals, policy analysts, consultants, financial analysts, directors of nonprofit organizations, leaders from every type of industry, and today’s thought-leaders who are influencing the next generation of innovation, excellence, and leadership in management, teaching, and more. We encourage alumni to stay connected by providing meaningful opportunities to engage with current UCLA students and with each other.


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Opportunity. Network. Experience. UCLA ONE allows you to re-connect with former classmates, mentor current students, search for or share available opportunities (jobs/internships), as well as enable you to utilize the trusted UCLA environment to expand your professional network.

Through UCLA ONE, we hope to promote a strong sense of community among all International Institute students, both present and past, which extends beyond the boundaries of our campus, and beyond the period spent attaining the degree at UCLA. By sharing your profile, you help us get to that goal! And, to encourage continued association among International Institute students and alums, we have created a group called “International Institute Academic Programs”. Be sure to check it out!

This is your community, and by joining you can leverage the collective power of the vast UCLA alumni network. Continue to help build your community by posting, sharing and inviting fellow Bruins to join. You will be amazed by the diversity, vibrancy and generosity of the UCLA global community.



Another great way to connect with other alumni is through the UCLA International Institute Alumni Network on LinkedIn! All alumni of the UCLA International Institute are welcome to join!

Job & Internship Opportunities

Alumni are encouraged to share job and internship opportunities with current students and fellow alumni. Job listings can be submitted to and/or posted on UCLA ONE. Information about publicizing internships can be found here.

International Institute Events

Alumni are welcome to attend International Institute events. Between lectures on contemporary and historical international issues and a number of free foreign films (with English subtitles) every month, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. A continually updated, full calendar of Institute events can be found here.

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Ready to give back? Please consider supporting the UCLA International Institute Academic Programs. Alumni can do so in a variety of ways.


You have the opportunity to share your professional and personal experience and expertise with current UCLA students and other alumni seeking advice/mentorship. If you are willing to introduce others to your connections, to open doors at your company, or to answer industry specific questions, please select "Willing to help" on your UCLA ONE profile.

Alumni who seek to be paired with current student mentees to advise them on academic guidance, career advice and personal development are especially encouraged to participate in the UCLA Alumni Mentor Program.


Please consider donating to the International Institute Academic Programs. The degree programs offered by the UCLA International Institute allow students to pursue a major, minor, or MA which focuses on a specific geographic area or a global issue-oriented theme through a variety of disciplines. Whether our students focus their study on the areas of Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, or Latin America, or topics related to global health, globalization, international development, or international migration, they are all equipped to understand the issues that face the modern world, and become the next generation of global citizens.

Your gift - vital in supporting the UCLA International Institute’s mission of interdisciplinary academic study - will help foster the next generation of global thinkers and leaders by encouraging travel study programs, internship opportunities, as well as supporting world-class research and thought-provoking scholarship, all designed to increase the knowledge and understanding of contemporary international issues. Thank you for your generosity in support of the International Institute Academic Programs, and please continue to keep in touch!

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