Commencement and Graduation
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Commencement and Graduation

International Institute Commencement Ceremony

Planning to Participate in the International Institute Commencement Ceremony?

Yay, graduation! What a wonderful achievement worth celebrating!!! Here are a few things to keep in mind about the difference between graduation and commencement:

Students can graduate (that is, earn their degree after fulfilling all requirements) during any quarter of the year: Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer. *Undergraduates must alert the Registrar’s Office of the term they plan to graduate, and can do so by declaring their degree candidacy on MyUCLA by clicking on "Academic/Update Degree Candidacy Term". This will trigger two very important processes: 1) the Registrar's Office will be alerted to check your academic records during the quarter you indicate as your degree expected term in order to verify that you have completed all requirements for your degree, and 2) the Commencement Office will allow you access to RSVP and order tickets for commencement ceremonies for that June. *Graduate students should alert their departmental Academic Counselor as to their degree expected term.

Commencement, on the other hand, is an occasion for you to be publicly recognized by the university and your friends & family for your scholastic achievements! Commencement ceremonies occur only at the end of each academic year in June, and students are invited to walk (i.e., participate) in these ceremonies whether or not they are actually graduating in Spring Quarter.

Date, Time, Location of International Institute Commencement Ceremony

The actual date and time of the International Institute Commencement Ceremony for 2018 has not yet been determined, although do note that commencement activities will take place between June 15-17, 2018, and our ceremony will be held on one of these dates. Historically, the International Institute Commencement Ceremony has been held on the Saturday evening of commencement weekend, and we hope that we'll be able to hold it on that day for 2018, as well. Once updated information from the Commencement Office is available, it will be posted here, so do check back periodically!

Alumni & Current Student Directory

The International Institute is very proud of each of our alumni and we want you to continue to feel connected to us and to each other even long after graduation! Please consider listing your profile on the International Institute Alumni & Current Student Directory.

With this directory, we hope to promote a strong sense of community among all International Institute students, both present and past, which extends beyond the boundaries of our campus, and beyond the period spent attaining their degree at UCLA. By sharing what you accomplished at UCLA, and what you do (or plan to do) after obtaining your degree, you help us get to that goal!

Academic Programs & Contact Information

‡ Global Studies
‡ International Development Studies
§ African & Middle Eastern Studies
§ Asian Studies
§ European Studies
§ Latin American Studies

¤ African Studies M.A.
¤ East Asian Studies M.A.
¤ Latin American Studies M.A.



‡ Sandy Valdivieso, 10359 Bunche Hall,
§ Magda Yamamoto, 10373 Bunche Hall,
¤ Magda Yamamoto, 10373 Bunche Hall,


Published: Monday, June 19, 2017