Imperial Chinese Literature and Culture Workshop

Photo for Imperial Chinese Literature and Culture
Saturday, February 2, 2019
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Bunche Hall 10383

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Imperial Chinese Literature and Culture Workshop 


The workshop is open to faculty and students only. RSVP required.


The UCLA Center for Chinese Studies will be hosting one-day workshop on imperial Chinese literature and culture on Saturday, February 2, 2019.

The workshop will feature presentations by graduate students engaged in a variety of projects on imperial Chinese literature and culture. The students selected for participation in the workshop will present their works-in-progress, which will receive comments by three guest scholars and workshop participants.

We have invited three eminent scholars to comment on papers in the workshop: Maram Epstein, who is engaged in research on Ming-Qing novels, gender, and most recently ritual, the body, and representation of self; Martin W. Huang, a specialist in the cultural and literary histories of late imperial China, gender, and memory; and Wei Shang, known for his pioneering work in the fields of pre-modern Chinese literature, print culture, and intellectual history.

 Every presentation will be 10 minutes. Presentations will be followed by 30 minutes of commentary and 20 minutes of general discussion.





 Yinghui Wu



 Philip Hsu, UCLA, “ ‘They were here’: Remembrance of Notable Individuals to the Lingyin Monastery”

 Wanmeng Li, UCLA, “Literati Influence and the Transmission of Dongxiao Poetry Anthology


 Xu MA, UC Irvine, “Boudoir and Temple: Re-Imagining Women’s Social Spaces in Late Imperial China”

 Meimei Zhang, UCLA, “The Stringless and Broken Instrument: the Representation of the Qin and Buddhism in the Northern Song”



 Lunch not provided


 Jinsu Kim, University of Oregon, “Phlegm and Tears: the Qi Monistic Vision of Rulin Waishi

 Yuqing Liu, University of British Columbia, “Body, Medicine and Ghost: The Narrative Function of Disease in Jin Ping Mei Cihua

 Ying WANG, UCLA,  “Illness and Identity Transformation in Late Imperial Chinese Fiction”


 Yinghui Wu

 Closing Remarks


Sponsor(s): Center for Chinese Studies, University of California Humanities Research Institute