Small Grants

The Center for Chinese Studies announces its Small Grants program to support faculty and graduate student research activities in Chinese studies.

Funding is available only for faculty and graduate students in Chinese studies at UCLA.

Limited funding is available for the following kinds of activities:

A. Faculty Research-Related Activities

1. Seed monies for generating larger collaborative research projects or conferences. An example would be a planning or brainstorming meeting leading to a major grant application.

2. Expenses for bringing a colleague in the profession to UCLA for a lecture or seminar. (If the Center is co-sponsoring the lecture or seminar and if another co-sponsor is providing some funding, then generally the Center will provide no more than $100; otherwise, generally no more than $150). Whenever possible, departmental and campus instructional-improvement resources should be tapped first or in conjunction.

3. Funding for research-related expenses not covered by the Senate Research Committee or the faculty person’s home department, such as attending a conference at which the participating faculty member will not be presenting a paper (generally no more than $300), or documented expenses for subsistence during library research (generally no more than $300), when the Senate committee pays only the travel expense, or out-of-pocket expenses in connection with the publication of a book, such as part of the costs for indexing or map preparing (generally no more than $500).

B. Graduate Student Research and Other Activities

1. Funding for travel to a major library for research connected with a writing seminar or the dissertation (generally a lump sum of $200). The student should submit an application in letter form describing the project, plus a supporting note from the faculty sponsor. Support for the reproduction of research materials should be sought from the Library.

2. Funding for dissertation-writing students, where alternative funding is not available, to attend a conference, especially for the purpose of job interviews (generally no more than $200).

C. Modest Augmentations to Senate Research Assistance Funds

The primary avenue to graduate student support should be the regular annual fellowship competition. In exceptional cases, the Center will consider a modest augmentation to individual faculty members’ Senate research assistance funds to help support worthy and needy graduate students.


Application should be emailed to the Assistant Director of the Center for Chinese Studies, Esther Jou, at