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Welcome students, and thank you for your interest in International Migration Studies! Please explore these webpages to learn more about the minor, participating faculty, and a myriad of other resources.


Student Testimonials

"The International Migration Studies minor is a very good way for students to gain more knowledge about a global phenomenon that is relevant to every sphere of society both historically and currently. Immigration intersects with law, health, history, economics, gender, as well as the environment. This minor provides an international overview of migration, without being biased towards a specific country or region, but instead offering different contexts of migration in all areas of the world. This way, I learned not only about migrants’ experiences and trajectories, but also their cultures, histories and societies. Although this minor would be a great addition to a similar subject (in my case, Political Science), I believe that its interdisciplinary nature and the many electives offered in different departments allow students to incorporate it to a seemingly unrelated field, providing much insight into one’s major. This is noticeable by looking at the different academic and life backgrounds from which students of the minor come, another reason why I recommend it.

Aside from the very relevant and interesting aspect of the subject, the minor and its mandatory courses provide comprehensive research methods and allow students to become more familiar with writing and reading papers. On the one hand, the senior capstone (I M Std 199) is a great way to culminate all the material learned into one final research paper, giving students full autonomy to decide the topic and faculty advisor. On the other hand, attending scholarly events through I M Std 193 teaches not only about new academic works in migration, but the way in which scholarly work is presented by graduate students and academics. Most importantly, the faculty members of this minor are some of the most influential and knowledgeable about migration and sociology, including Professors Waldinger, Menjivar, Kligman, and Agadjanian.”

-Federico Trudu, International Migration Studies minor


"Signing up for the Minor in International Migration Studies was the best decision I made at UCLA. As high as my expectations were, they were constantly surpassed thanks to dedicated lecturers who share a real, palpable passion for the topic and the countless aspects associated with it. Highly interesting, academically challenging, intellectually stimulating: for me personally, the Minor in International Migration Studies represents the very best UCLA has to offer."

-Klaus Gomez-Stimeder, International Migration Studies minor


"The International Migration Studies minor, alongside the support I received from Prof. Waldinger and Gaby Solomon-Dorian, greatly benefitted my academic and professional career/experiences while at UCLA. I did not feel “rushed” or overwhelmed with regards to completing the coursework and thesis. The courses offered throughout the minor (especially the electives) can be tailored to each student’s individual interests, and can therefore, complement their research as they work on their thesis. Overall, enrolling in the minor was one of the best decisions I could have made for my academic experience; not only did I learn comprehensive theories, migratory trends, and humanizing stories of migrants and their need for movement, but I was given the liberty to write and become an expert on what I felt was an important, pressing issue in global society."

-Helena Bonilla Uribe, International Migration Studies minor


"Being an International Migration Studies minor was one of the best and most rewarding experiences of my UCLA undergraduate career! Prior to my admission into the minor, I already had some knowledge about Mexican migration to the U.S. I admit, I thought that my own lived experiences in relation to this topic were sufficient. Little did I know that I was wrong and that the subject of migration is more broad and complex than I originally thought! The key word in the minor is “international,” in the sense that the courses and requirements provided me with extensive exposure to the scholarship on migration including topics like refugees, asylum seeking, comparative migration policies/experiences in place outside of the U.S-Mexico context, and the sociopolitical landscape of migration policies and integration. I would recommend this minor to any student that is interested in acquiring a more comprehensive and nuanced understanding of migration. I promise you that this minor will have you leave UCLA with more knowledge of the world! In addition to the amazing course load for the International Migration Studies minor, what made this minor particularly special to me was the thesis component. I admit I was a little intimidated about conducting and writing my own 30-page thesis on such an immensely important subject. However, when the time arrived to begin my thesis project I felt very prepared with the basics (i.e., theories and scholarship) to write a project of that magnitude. My faculty advisor, Prof. Menjivar, was an amazing support system for me during my thesis project, and by the end I felt accomplished and honored to engage in such an opportunity. As a new UCLA alumni, I will be working in public policy in the Fall. I know that as I enter this new career opportunity, I will be able to contribute to public policy as it relates to immigrants in our country thanks to the knowledge, skills and experiences I gained as an International Migration Studies minor."

-Daniela G. Rodriguez, International Migration Studies minor


"From beginning to end, adding an International Migration Studies Minor my senior year was the best academic decision I made during my time at UCLA. The course list pushed me to take classes in a wide variety of departments, which opened my eyes to so many new perspectives on the topic of migration. Classes are taught by some of the world’s leading experts on migration theory and the professors were always willing to answer my questions or discuss topics further in office hours. The fall quarter research seminar fostered critical discussion in a small class setting and the final thesis pushed me to complete my own research for the first time. I would highly recommend this minor to anyone who wants to learn more about the important role migration plays in our society and is looking for a more personalized learning experience at UCLA."

-Bridget Poisel, International Migration Studies minor


"I was aimless for much of my first year as a transfer student at UCLA. I always knew I wanted to do research as an undergrad, and eventually go to grad school, but couldn’t narrow my interests down. One quarter, I was determined to study sociolinguistics, the next quarter, I was researching law school. I applied for the International Migration Studies minor just before my senior year–which proved to be the most fateful decision of my academic career (so far).

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of migration studies, I was able to unite all of my disparate interests and gain direction for my future. Coming from an immigrant background, the courses provided me with insights into issues affecting my own community. I was also given the opportunity to complete a thesis, which endowed me with the critical research skill necessary for graduate studies. Not to mention, there’s the opportunity to commune with word-class migration scholars. Following the completion of the minor, I finished a master’s degree as a Departmental Scholar and went on to Morocco as a Fulbright fellow. Not bad for someone who had no idea what to do with my life until senior year."

-Ani Alaberkyan, International Migration Studies minor