Early History of Africa Symposium: New Narratives for a History of Connections and Brokers

The Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies hosts a symposium that presents an opportunity to think about different methodologies and different ways of writing history when faced with the challenge of sources.

Thursday, January 30, 2020
1:30 PM - 6:00 PM
314 Royce Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095

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Can we still use the traditional narrative within a connected history of brokers, frontiers, and cultural transfers, or should we be thinking about different ways of telling history, developing, for instance, network narratives or fragmented narratives?



·         François-Xavier Fauvelle – Collège de France; Chair of History and Archaeology of African Worlds/Histoire            etarchéologie des mondes africains

·         Lamia Balafrej – Art History, UCLA

·         Jody Benjamin – History, UC Riverside

·         Kristen Collins – J. Paul Getty Museum

·         Bryan Keene – J. Paul Getty Museum

·         Ghislaine Lydon – History, UCLA

·         Hollian Wint – History, UCLA


Organized by:

·         Zrinka Stahuljak – Comparative Literature, UCLA

·         Stephanie Bosch Santana – Comparative Literature, UCLA


Funding is provided by the Endowment of the UCLA Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies.

 Co-sponsored by the UCLA Center for African Studies, the UCLA Department of French and Francophone Studies, and the UCLA Department of History.


Cost : Free and open to the public

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Sponsor(s): African Studies Center, Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Department of History, French and Francophone Studies