Image for Welcome to the International Institute, New Bruins!  Scroll to learn what international studies at UCLA can do for youImage for Welcome to the International Institute, New Bruins!  Scroll to learn what international studies at UCLA can do for you
Welcome to the International Institute, New Bruins! Scroll to learn what international studies at UCLA can do for you

Image for Bangkok, ThailandImage for Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand

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Ginkaku-ji Temple, Kyoto, Japan

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"My major in Asian studies has provided me a lens to understand some of today’s urgent issues in the international field and to explore my parts in what the world can become. Serving as an International Student Ambassador, I gained much valuable experience through international student outreach by navigating everyday complexities of intercultural communications."

- Esther, Asian Studies



"I decided to major in European Studies because I wanted to learn how contemporary Europe and the European Union fit into today's global context. What I love about this program is its interdisciplinary nature, which allows me to tailor my schedule towards classes I am most interested in, and are relevant to my career plans. Combining humanities and STEM into my curriculum, provides a strong foundation for real-world applications."

- Maria, European Studies



"Majoring in AMES has provided me with unique insight into the region, the transnational impact of its religions and diasporic peoples beyond the extent of today's hegemonic dialectics. Despite its interdisciplinary nature, I have been equipped with methodology and knowledge entirely academic and fully applicable to individual and international interactions. This major is ideal for students like me hoping to specialize in fields associated with other majors (such as anthro, econ, religion, etc) while maintaining orientation towards the region".

- Emeth, African and Middle Eastern Studies 


These are just a few of the many paths your career could take!



"After graduating from UCLA, I started  working  as a Healthcare Consultant at Triage Consulting Group based in San Francisco. I analyze data from hospitals across the United States in order to increase revenue flows. I also volunteer with the UCLA Latino Alumni Association to mentor incoming Bruins."

- Leonard, Latin American Studies,  2019

"During  OPT period. I started working in United Education Group company that serves international students. I am now a student consultant in the company to effectively help international high school and undergraduate students live in the United States. I also work in the company's marketing department. In Fall 2020 I will start MA program in International Education at Columbia University."

- Yichen, Asian Studies, 2019

"I am pursuing my Master's in International Relations at Georgetown University; my regional concentration is Europe and my topical concentration is Migration Diplomacy and Asylum Policy. I just concluded my internship with the State Department in the Bureau of European/Eurasian Affairs as well as my research assistantship with Georgetown's Institute for the Study of International Migration. I am currently working for a think tank called Migration Policy Institute (MPI) and getting ready to apply to PhD programs for Political Science."

- Kyilah, European Studies, 2019




Our students take classes from many departments across campus. Here are just a few of the many interesting courses you could take!

- Chocolate in Americas: Bittersweet Bliss

1989: Europe's Revolution

- China in the World: Environment and Politics


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International Student Alumni & Employer Panel 


This January, our two International Student Ambassadors from the International Institute teamed up with the UCLA Career Center to create a career event specifically for our international student population. Students heard from recent international alumni working in the LA Area, as well as from potential employers. Thank you to our student leaders and the Career Center for a successful event!




Winter Quarter Internship Workshop 


Every Winter Quarter, our students can attend an Internship Workshop to prepare themselves for the upcoming summer. Our students learned about the Career Development Process and lots of tips to start the internship or job hunt. Special thanks to our guest, Alexis, from the Career Center for leading a demo on Handshake!