The Greening of a Continent: Smart Solar Grids for Rural Communities in Africa

Microgrid construction in the Western Sahel (Photo Credit: Planet Aid)

“Green Development” in Africa must be ecologically and economically sustainable, emphasizing local solutions to climate change with African stakeholders in rural communities. Building on African initiatives in areas of sustainable agriculture, energy, water use, wetland restoration, biofuel development, entrepreneurship, awareness building, and ecovillage development, we focus on a central piece of this challenge: the construction of a community-based solar energy grids that generates low-cost electricity in rural villages of the Western Sahel most immediately threatened by desertification. The multiplier effect of our experimental prototype will stimulate local and regional carbon-free development in multiple sectors through a “smart” photovoltaic infrastructure. Pilot projects are targeted for Ivory Coast, the Republic of Benin, and Cameroon.

Published: Tuesday, April 2, 2019