Africa's Readiness for Climate Change (ARCC) Forum 2020

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About ARCC

The UCLA African Studies Center and the Earth Rights Institute invite you to submit a proposal for ARCC 2020. The inaugural forum will expand an integrated vision of “Green Development” in Africa that is both ecologically and economically sustainable, emphasizing local solutions to climate change developed by African stakeholders in urban and rural communities. ARCC 2020 will assemble interdisciplinary panels of scholars, scientists, industry leaders, climate change innovators, youth activists, and dignitaries to discuss the most successful sustainable development projects. These key contributors will identify priorities for research and implementation, and collaboratively develop a five-year action plan. If you are conducting climate change research or leading an initiative aligned with one or more of the conference’s envisioned themes, we encourage you to submit a proposal.





Published: Thursday, August 29, 2019