Community Engagement

Teacher Training Workshop


I am because we are.

The UCLA African Studies Center has a long history of promoting dialogue and cooperation among students, scholars, policymakers and the general public through lectures, symposia, publications, and a wide range of other programs and activities. At the ASC, we are committed to rupturing the historical narrative of distance between research, engagement, and activism through intentional collaborations with our partners on campus, in Los Angeles, in Africa, and throughout the world. We are both humbled and inspired by our understanding, that as an institution, we can only exist with, through and because of community: we are, because of our community. Enriching and transforming the community that has shaped and continues to shape us, is therefore, at the very core of our work, and our initiatives are driven by a strong desire to connect with real people and real conditions. The ASC family is made of scholars, change-makers, dancers, youth, fashion designers, writers, and everyone in between. For us, "engagement" is an active dialectical exchange between family members with diverse perspectives that leads to the transformation of knowledge, skills, and expertise.

The mission of the UCLA African Studies Center is to both disseminate knowledge and continuously engage with and learn from our community through collaboration and in conversation.