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Daniel Pearl Memorial Lecture feat. Christopher Hitchens

Daniel Pearl Memorial Lecture feat. Christopher Hitchens

The UCLA Burkle Center for International Relations, the Daniel Pearl Foundation and the Yitzhak Rabin Hillel Center for Jewish Life at UCLA proudly present the 2010 Daniel Pearl Memorial Lecture featuring Christopher Hitchens and titled "Varieties of Anti-Semitism." Online registration for this event is now closed; attrition is expected and stand-by seating will be available. Event details are below:

Wednesday, March 3, 2010
5:00 PM - 6:30 PM
UCLA Anderson School
Korn Convocation Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095

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NEWS: Vanity Fair (March 13, 2010); Jewish Journal (March 9, 2010); UCLA Newsroom (March 4, 2010); Daily Bruin (March 5, 2010); Amerikanske perspektiver (Danish, March 8, 2010); Daily Hitchens, (March 4, 2010); LA Times (March 3, 2010)

There are 250 seats for general admission. Limited standing room will be available, as well as seats for people with disabilities or special needs.

Registration for this event will be available ONLINE ONLY; we CANNOT hold seats and we will not be able to make special accommodations.

Online registration will begin at noon on Wednesday, February 3, 2010 via the UCLA Burkle Center website: PRINTED CONFIRMATION AND PHOTO ID ARE REQUIRED FOR ADMISSION. All guests will be checked against our registration list at the door.

Guidelines for All Guests

  • Arrive early, doors open at 4:30 pm
  • Parking is available in Lot 4, $10.
  • Admission will be handled on a first available basis
  • No bulky video equipment or flash photography permitted
  • No food or beverages permitted inside the Convocation Hall
  • All vacant seats will be filled at 4:45 pm
  • Details for this event are subject to change.
  • Please check our website for last minute details prior to the event:

About the Speaker:

Christopher Hitchens is one of the English-speaking world's best-known commentators on contemporary thought, politics and culture. In the four decades since he earned his honors degree in philosophy, politics and economics from Cambridge and Balliol College, Oxford, he has written well over a dozen books, corresponded from more than 60 countries, and contributed prolifically to English and American publications. He emigrated from England in 1981 and was naturalized as a U.S. citizen in 2007. Currently, he contributes regularly or frequently to The New York Review of Books, The London Review of Books, The New York Times Book Review, The Washington Post Book World, The Times Literary Supplement, The Los Angeles Times Book Review, National Review, Dissent, Free Inquiry, New Left Review, and The Atlantic Monthly. Among numerous honors for his reporting and the literary quality of his prose, Hitchens took a National Magazine Award and was a finalist for a National Book Award, both in 2007. His essays have been collected in four volumes. Hitchens is also a regular television and radio commentator.

The Christopher Hitchens Web:  
"The Swastika and the Cedar" (Vanity Fair, May 2009)
"Faith No More: What I've learned from debating religious people around the world." (Slate, 10.26.09)
"First, Silence the Whistle-Blower: The United Nations' shameful complicity in this year's corrupt Afghan elections." (Slate, 11.2.09)
In Defense of Foxhole Atheists. It’s no secret that conservative Christians dominate the U.S. military, but when higher-ups start talking about conversion missions, it’s time to worry. The author meets a group of soldiers who aren’t having it--

The Hitchens Zone: video clips with Christopher Hitchens:  
Hitchens on the Daily Show with John Stewart (2004):
Part 1:  
Part 2:

Parking available in Lot 4, $10.

Cost : Free and open to the public.

Sponsor(s): Burkle Center for International Relations, , the Pearl family, the Daniel Pearl Foundation, the Yitzhak Rabin Hillel Center for Jewish Life at UCLA, and the Hillel Jewish Students Association.

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