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Students at SEASON 2020 conference (Photo: CSEAS)

There are various UCLA student and alumni groups related to Southeast Asia on campus.

Last updated June 2021.

Student Organizations

  • Asian Pacific Coalition supports and unifies the diverse Asian Pacific Islander Desi American community at UCLA by uplifting and empowering its members.
  • Asia Pacific Health Corps serves the health needs of disadvantaged Asian and Pacific Islander (API) communities that have minimal access to healthcare and limited financial resources. 
  • Association of Hmong Students provides assistance and opportunities to Hmong students by taking an intersectional approach through advocacy, development of student leaders, and creating an empowering, safe environment for Hmong students on campus.
  • Association of Indonesian Americans seeks to empower Indonesian-American students through outreach, education, increasing cultural understanding and awareness, social interaction, and political advocacy. 
  • Burmese Student Association at UCLA provides community support for Burmese and Burmese American students to learn, connect, and embrace their Burmese identities. 
  • Higher Opportunity Program for Education is committed to outreaching to under-resourced and underrepresented youth in striving to achieve its goals toward educational equity for all.
  • Indonesian Bruins Student Association promotes and celebrates Indonesian culture in the broader UCLA community and aims to integrate others of various backgrounds that have a common interest in Indonesia.
  • Pilipino American Graduate Student Association provides networking, support, communication, and cooperation between Pilipino students, faculty and staff at UCLA.
  • Pilipino Transfer Student Partnership aims to ease Pilipnx transfers and allies in the transition to UCLA by offering resources, cultural growth, and addressing transfer issues.
  • Samahang Pilipino is an aorganization that serves to support Pilipino students while also celebrating an sharing the knowledge of Pilipino social, cultural, political, and academic life. 
  • Samahang Pilipino Education and Retention seeks to achieve 100% retention of Pilipinx students by providing internship, mentorship, counseling, and resources.
  • Southeast Asian Admit Weekend hopes to inspire Southeast Asian admitted students to become empowered and be aware of the resources available to them at UCLA.
  • Southeast Asian Campus Learning Education and Retention, established in 1998 by the Vietnamese Student Union, provides peer counseling, mentorship, wellness help, transfer support, and internship opportunities to Southeast Asian students at UCLA. 
  • Southeast Asian Students for Organizing seeks to provide a safe space for Southeast Asian students and allies to strategize campus-based actions to effectively advocate for their community.
  • Southeast Asian Transfer Enrichment Day is a weekend dedicated to newly admitted transfer students, organized by Southeast Asian student groups at UCLA to provide a safe and supportive Southeast Asian community on campus for transfer students.
  • Thai Student Association, previously known as Thai Smakom, seeks strives to showcase Thai culture through the many events it host per year, as well as provide support to Thai and Thai-American students at UCLA. 
  • UCLA Pilipinos for Community Health stands to provide education and mental health services to the Pilipino community as well as other marginalized groups in the greater Los Angeles area through community outreach,  preventive health, and advising and mentorship.
  • United Khmer Students seeks to advocate and support to Cambodian students at UCLA by furthering cultural understanding and awareness on the UCLA campus through advocacy, educational and career services, and community-building.
  • Vietnamese Community Health aims to improve the health inequality in underserved communities in Orange County and the Greater Los Angeles area by striving to mitigate the health disparities faced by these communities.
  • Vietnamese Language and Culture serves to maintain and showcase Vietnamese customs through educational advocacy and cultural engagement.
  • Vietnamese Student Union seeks to raise awareness of Vietnamese culture while ensuring the educational, political, social, and mental-health welfare of the Vietnamese community both on and off-campus.

Alumni Associations

  • Asian Pacific Alumni Association of UCLA was founded to unite all Asian Pacific alumni and provide educational, social, and cultural services to help them adjust to the next phase of their lives.
  •  Pilipino Alumni Association of UCLA connects and empowers Pilipino alumni, students, and friends of UCLA by providing scholarships to students and providing opportunities to address issues impacting the greater Pilipino community.




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Published: Thursday, August 20, 2020