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Natural Resource Policy, Culture and Law: Land and Water Governance and Minority Peoples in the Asia Pacific (2022)
Panel 1: Traditional knowledge, law and land use management
Panel 2: Resource Management across traditional lands and waters
Panel 3: Tenure and use rights across traditional lands and waters
Panel 4: Economic commercialization of traditional resources and land

Historicizing Disaster Risk Management: The Ecology of Mt. Isarog and its Environs (2021)
Panel 1: Research, Training, and Partnerships: Breaking Disciplinary
Panel 2: Southeast Asia Climate in the Last Millennium
Panel 3: PSU Research Highlights: Bicol Communities and Ecologies
Panel 4: Environmental Change and Urbanization in the Early Modern Period
Panel 5: Environmental and Economic History
Panel 6: The Future Southeast Asian Archaeology in the U.S.
Panel 7: Women in Philippine Archaeology
Panel 8: Decolonizing Southeast Asian Archaeology

Indigenous Peoples, Heritage, and Landscape in the Asia Pacific (2020)
Panel 1: Defining the terms: Heritage, Landscapes, Indigenous Empowerment
Panel 2: Wisdom of the Landscapes 1.0
Panel 3: Wisdom of the Landscapes 2.0
Panel 4: Weaving and Empowerment
Panel 5: History and Heritage
Panel 6: Pacific Histories
Panel 7: Indigeneity, Identity, and Empowerment
Panel 8: Indigenous Rights and Heritage Laws
Panel 9: Preserving Textiles: Indigenous Knowledge and Methods
Panel 10: Tying Ends Together: Translating Engagement and Empowerment


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Published: Monday, October 28, 2019