For a full listing of CSEAS colloquia and events:

UC/CSU Faculty Lectures on Southeast Asian Studies (2018-2022)
This lecture series featuring faculty within the University of California and California State University systems aims to develop new linkages with Southeast Asian Studies scholars across California.

Indonesian Studies Speaker Series
As part of the UCLA Indonesian Studies Program, CSEAS invites engaging speakers from all over the world to campus to give lectures on a range of issues related to Indonesia. 

Panel Discussions

Daughters of Burmese revolutionaries share their memories and stories of resilience (2021)
Two daughters of Burmese political prisoners share their personal experiences growing up and reflect on their father's activism in the democracy movement in Myanmar.

The intersections of social media, democracy and state-enabled violence in the Philippines (2020)
In a discussion on media, policing and authoritarian brutality, panelists argue states and social media platforms must reckon with the ongoing violence that comes with a global shift towards authoritarianism.

Connecting ancient foods to contemporary Indonesia (2019)
Three Indonesian Studies specialists discuss the links between the food networks and practices during the Early Modern Period and those of Southeast Asian cuisine today.

CSEAS hosts panel discussing Rohingya crisis in Myanmar (2018)
The panel of experts in human rights, international law, and mass violence explores the various debates around the ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya people in Myanmar.

Indigenous Peoples, Heritage and Landscape in the Asia Pacific (2020)
This webinar series showcases examples of successful scholarship where local stakeholders and local communities are actively involved. The series argues that collaboration is a venue where indigenous/local knowledge systems and Western science intersects and that collaboration can empower communities.

Refugee Worlds, Refugee Lives (2018-2020)
In partnership with UCLA African Studies Center and the Refugee Worlds, Refugee Lives Initiative, UCLA CSEAS supports the study of refugee issues in Southeast Asia on campus through public colloquiums, community forums, and student workshops to spread awareness about refugee movements in the region.

Filipinx Studies (2017-2018) 
Born out of "the Philippines and its Elsewheres," a course taught by Professor Lucy Burns in the Department of Asian American Studies, this speaker series focuses on the politics of knowledge production, higher education, and global citizenship from the standpoint of Filipino Studies.

Community Events

Radical storytelling to transform lived and inherited pasts into strength (2021)
Vietnamese American playwright and performer Susan Lieu discussed the stages of traumatic healing and how to set free personal and family stories for empowerment.

Indonesian filmmakers argue now is the time for digital experimentation (2020)
In a panel discussion for the 2020 Los Angeles Indonesian Film Festival, filmmakers discuss the future of marketing and viewership in Indonesia as the pandemic halted film production, forcing new approaches to distribution to emerge. 

Renewing Ifugao history and cultural heritage through visual storytelling (2020)
A new animated film about a village in Ifugao, Philippines brings together many institutions and local organizations in an effort to invigorate highland archaeology and community engagement.

Southeast Asian Deportation Forum caps week of action (2019)
Southeast Asian student groups and centers at UCLA worked together to organize a community forum on the hill to address the issue of deportation affecting Southeast Asian American communities.

New Indonesian film highlights the reign and legacy of Sultan Agung of Mataram (2018)
UCLA CSEAS hosted the 2018 Los Angeles Indonesian Film Festival with a screening of the new film "Sultan Agung" by the prominent Indonesian director, Hanung Bramantyo.


Korea and Vietnam Before the Twentieth Century: Comparison and Connections (2022)

Ethnic and Community Identity in Southeast Asia (2021) 

The Empowerment of Women in Contemporary Indonesia: Progress and Challenges (2019)

New Migrations and Mobilities in Southeast Asia (2018)

International Symposium on Malay/Indonesian Linguistics (2018)

Student Programs

Southeast Asian Students for Organizing Conference: Soaring to New Heights  (2021)

Southeast Asian Students for Organizing Conference: Rising as One (2020)

United Khmer Students Culture Night: Limbo (2019)

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Published: Friday, February 28, 2020