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The Department of Asian Languages and Cultures is excited to announce a new undergraduate major in Southeast Asian Studies open to UCLA students beginning in Fall 2021.

Published: November 17, 2021

The Department of Asian Languages and Cultures is excited to announce a brand new undergraduate major, Southeast Asian Studies, starting Fall 2021. Southeast Asia is a critically important area of the world, one with a significant population, with major economic importance, and one that is an epicenter for a number of major global issues. It also lies at the confluence of significant global religious and cultural traditions, offering invaluable comparative dimensions for humanistic study as well.

UCLA students will have the opportunity to become specialists in this important, and still frequently overlooked, world area, a training that will offer a range of post-graduate opportunities. To ensure that students gain this experience that spans the region and crosses disciplines, the major will require a combination of foundational training at the introductory level and in a language of the region, followed by broad exposure to multiple dimensions of the region in elective courses.

Students can read more about the major and requirements here: Interested students should contact for more information on how to apply.

Southeast Asian Studies majors choose their main language concentration in one Southeast Asian language in Filipino, Indonesian, Thai, or Vietnamese, while simultaneously acquiring broad cultural competence by taking courses from areas across Southeast Asia. This provides students with a combination of strong language skills and the knowledge necessary to engage with various aspects of multiple Southeast Asian societies. Students who complete this major have the linguistic and cultural competence to work in various fields related to Southeast Asia, including business, finance, trade, journalism, diplomacy, cultural institutions and non-profit organizations, education, and academia.

Download: Southeast Asian Studies Major Worksheet

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Published: Tuesday, November 30, 2021