Photo for Wonder Women: Muay Thai Experience

Photo: Janice Phung, cropped.

The 'Wonder Women' Series highlights female martial artists and sets the foundations for inclusivity in the future of martial arts.

Friday, March 8, 2019
5:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Pauley Pavilion
UCLA Campus
Los Angeles, CA 90095
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Join us for International Women's Day!


Dr. Janice Phung is a developmental psychologist and recent Ph.D. recipient from the Department of Psychology & Social Behavior at UC Irvine. As an Apprentice Instructor under Grandmaster Surachai Sirisute of the World Thai Boxing Association, Janice has experienced firsthand the transformative power of training martial arts.

She began her martial arts journey as an undergraduate student at UCLA. After graduating, Janice worked for a non-profit organization that provided play-based therapy to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities. Since then, Janice's mission has been to improve the functioning and well-being of children with ASD. Recently, she completed her doctoral dissertation that examined the role of a mixed martial arts intervention on executive and social functioning in children with ASD.

‘Wonder Women’ seminars will attempt to chip away at the gender disparity within the martial arts community. They will provide a dynamic seminar series for the UCLA community and will show the martial arts community that UCLA continues to progress towards inclusivity and innovation. Students will be able to view martial arts in a new lens facilitated through open-minded powerful female individuals. 



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Sponsor(s): Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Asia Pacific Center, UCLA International Institute, UCLA Martial Arts Program, American Association of University Women