International Development Studies

Incoming Transfer Students

Welcome transfer students! You may apply to be IDS if admitted to UCLA as Pre-International Development Studies or as any other major. Application is due Fall of Junior year. See our "Transfer Students" tab for more information.



Application Requirements

Sophomore and Juniors are eligible to apply during Fall ONLY. 

By the END of FALL complete:

  • All preparation courses* (may be in progress in the Fall) with a minimum UC GPA in these courses of 2.0
  • At least level 3 of a foreign language, equivalent to three quarters at UCLA. (Sophomore applicants are exempt from this requirement)
  • Application by the Fall deadline

*Level 6 (or Spanish 5) of foreign language is required to complete all preparation requirements, but can be done once accepted to the major. You may be in progress to finish level 3 during the Fall you apply. Language can be satisfied via placement exam or native proficiency. 

If you have taken a language placement exam and haven't notified our office, please fill out this form so we can include in your application or update your DAR if needed.

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Admission Criteria

  • Preparatory GPA (minimum 2.0). The average prep GPA for the 2019-20 period was 3.3, and the admission rate was 80%
  • Statement of Interest: review our FAQ tab for more details on how to write an effective statement. NOTE: a high GPA does not guarantee acceptance to the major, as the statement is equally important. 

Backup major in the event they are not accepted to the IDS major, students may consider: International Area Studies (African & Middle Eastern Studies, European Studies, Latin American Studies, Asian Studies), Anthropology, Asian Languages & Cultures, Comparative Literature, English, History, Geography, Asian American Studies, Chicano Studies, Afro-American Studies, Spanish to name a few.

Notifications: sent via email within the first two weeks of Winter Quarter. Please refrain from inquiring about your application status until then.



2020-2021 APPLICATION 

Application opens November 6th-25th 2020

IMPORTANT: Before you start the application, model your DARS for IDS and check that all preps for IDS are showing up in the correct fields. If they are not, please contact the IDS Advising Office.

The online application will prompt students to include following information:

  • Backup major 
  • Short Statement of Interest: Why are you interested in pursuing the IDS major? Tips and additional instructions can be found on our FAQ page.
  • Relevant experience: What experiences have you had related to international development? (extra-curricular activities, research experiences, study abroad, etc.)



 UCLA admitted transfer students declared under ANY major are eligible to apply to IDS, however, pre-IDS students will have priority over students planning to switch or add IDS as a double major.

  • Incoming transfers must apply Fall of their junior year (your first quarter at UCLA). Application details are available under the "Applying" tab.
  • Sign up for summer orientation and request to attend the IDS Departmental counseling session.  Please email us if you can't attend orientation at


In addition to reviewing and UCLA's Admissions page make sure to review our website for additional major information. Please remember:

  • You will have to submit a supplemental application to be admitted to the IDS major after your are admitted to UCLA
  • You may complete the foreign language requirement (intermediate level) at UCLA via placement exam (if available) or appropriate coursework, or abroad.


If you hold an F1 visa and attended high school where instruction was not in English, the IDS foreign language requirement may be waived. Please check with your IDS counselor.

Chat with a current international student! Click below: 


Please review the Transfer Student Handbook and let us know if you have questions!

 Also, don't forget to visit the Transfer Student Center.

Click below to meet with an IDS advisor! Please note: questions about course transferability will only be addressed once transcripts are posted.

The IDS Major at UCLA requires students to complete the intermediate level of a foreign language. For Spanish, completion of Spanish 5 is acceptable.


You may be exempted from the Foreign Language requirement for the following reasons:

  • Completion of a Language Placement Test. Placement Tests are offered through a language's respective department (i.e. Department of Asian Language & Cultures). You must take the Placement Test, not the Exemption Test, for the major. *Note: successful completion of the Exemption Test will only waive the requirement for the College Foreign Language requirement, which equates to one year of the elementary year. For clarification, please contact our Advising Office.
  • AP Test credit can be accepted depending on the AP score. Please contact our Advising Office.
    International Students from a Spanish or Portuguese speaking country may be exempt. Please contact our Advising Office.
  • <Students with an F1 visa who attended a high school where the primary language of instruction was not English may be exempt. Please contact our Advising Office.

When applying to the IDS major, completion of the elementary year of the foreign language is acceptable (i.e. Spanish 3). *Sophomore applicants are exempted from this requirement. 

Completion of the intermediate year of the foreign language must be completed by graduation in order to fulfill all major requirements.

International Institute Events

Attend numerous events on specific world regions and pressing global issues. For upcoming International Institute Events, visit the Event Calendar. 


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International Student Ambassadors

Are you an international student majoring or minoring in an International Institute program? Connect with our International Student Ambassadors (ISA) for any international or academic questions! Throughout the academic year, our ISAs will plan events and connect with students through office hours and social media.


Learn more

2020 - 21 Ambassadors 

Esther Li

Asian Studies

Alex Kang

Global Studies

Recommended Campus Groups

  • Global Development Lab - Equips students with skills and resources necessary to foster global development initiatives.
  • GlobeMed at UCLA  - Promoting global health equity through partnerships and sustainability.

       Find more UCLA student groups HERE

VIRTUAL ADVISING HOURS (subject to change)

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We strive to provide holistic and comprehensive support to our students through one-on-one advising, workshops and events that focus on academic and professional planning, inspire exploration of research, internship opportunities and experiences abroad. We are committed to fostering growth, enthusiasm and pride for our International Institute majors and minors in addition to empowering our students to draw connections between their UCLA experience and their personal and professional ambitions. Our ultimate goal is to encourage our students to make a positive impact in the world both during and after their college careers as informed and responsible global citizens.



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We can assist you with:

  • Thoughtful academic and professional planning
  • Exploration of research
  • Inspire internship opportunities and experiences abroad
  • Helping you connect your major to your career and personal goals
  • Clarifying the scope and requirements of the major or minor

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