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Series: El Mar y Sus Metáforas

Mariana Favila Vázquez: Del árbol a la canoa: surcando el mar en Mesoamérica

Series: El Mar y Sus Metáforas

Thursday, February 13, 2020
12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Lydeen Library
4302 Rolfe Hall
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Archaeological studies regarding pre-Hispanic mechanisms of environment appropriation have been crucial to explain the complexity of Mesoamerican societies. However, an ontological dichotomy of water and land has permeated these investigations for decades. The activities practiced on the mainland, such as agriculture, among many others, are the preferred focus of interest for explaining indigenous social and historical processes. 

Mariana Favila Vázquez is a Professor of Archaeology at the ENAH and a research associate in the project " Digging into early colonial Mexico: a large-scale computational analysis of 16h century historical sources" of the University of Lancaster, United Kingdom and the Museo de Templo Mayor in Mexico. 

Talk will be in Spanish 

Cost: Free & Open to the Public