Students in the Latin American Studies Interdepartmental Program have the opportunity to focus their undergraduate and graduate education on this important region of the world
◦ Work with faculty to design a degree program to meet individual goals.
◦ Take courses in the professional schools, humanities and social sciences, natural sciences, and the fine arts
◦ Acquire the linguistic, methodological, and area expertise to succeed in public and private sector careers in business, government, education, the professions, and the arts

International Reputation

A distinguished faculty and extensive research resources make UCLA a national and international center for the study of Latin America
◦ Latin Americanist faculty in the arts, humanities, sciences, social sciences, and professions
◦ Major library, art, film, music, and museum collections focused on the region
◦ Innovation and excellence have been a hallmark of UCLA's Latin American Studies program since its inception

Geographic Location

UCLA's location in Southern California enhances the development and impact of the Latin American Studies degree programs. Los Angeles has one of the country's largest Hispanic populations
◦ Numerous public and private educational, business, and cultural institutions have a long-standing interest in Latin America
◦ Linguistic, historical, economic, and demographic influences interact in Los Angeles to forge a truly multicultural society

Activities and Resources

UCLA offers one of the most extensive and diverse Latin American and Iberian academic programs in the country
◦ Participate in the array of programs and activities that focus on Latin America at UCLA
◦ Make use of the extensive research resources available to you
◦ Explore our Web site and related links to learn more about UCLA's Latin America Studies Interdepartmental Degree Program

During their time spent completing this program, students will also have the opportunity to present their work at the Annual International Institute Graduate Student Conference. With a transnational and interdisciplinary focus, Latin American Studies M.A. students are provided a unique experience and a specially tailored forum in which to engage experts on their research.