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Many of our students leverage their language skills and regional knowledge in internships and job opportunities during their undergraduate studies. The list below highlights some of the successful opportunities for previous Russian Flagship students.


The list below highlights some of the popular opportunities for previous Russian Flagship students. For a more extensive list of potential opportunities, you can find the full list on the right.

The UCLA Burkle Center for International Relations

This internship provides students with professional experience, exposure, and networking opportunities in the foreign policy sphere.

Bolshoi Ballet in NYC

Working as a staff member for the Bolshoi Ballet Academy Summer Intensive Program is a unique opportunity to combine familiarity with Russian culture and language with a dance background.

Kharon Data Analytics

Interns with Kharon enhance their research and writing skills and gain a deeper understanding of international financial criminal activity and sanctions compliance. Some positions require Russian-language knowledge.

Virtual Student Federal Service

This expansive internship program has a diverse range of projects that would fit any student’s interests and allows them to gain professional experience and make connections in the government. Some positions require Russian-language knowledge.

Wende Museum

Students interested in the Cold War and its legacy can utilize their Russian language skills to work on one of the Wende's exhibits.


Having an internship in a foreign country is a very impressive experience on students' resumes. Students who are participating in the Russian Flagship Capstone Year complete internships with organizations in Almaty, Kazakhstan during their spring semester. They work with the program’s internship coordinator to select an organization that is relevant to their academic and career interests. This component of the capstone program is integral to helping students acquire relevant vocabulary in their field and learn to function in Russian in formal settings.

The list below shows the main categories of locations for previous capstone internships. You can find the full list of past internship placements on the right.

  • Media
  • Legal
  • Business
  • Social work
  • Education and Academia
  • Arts
  • Science and Health

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