How to configure your Exchange email account on MS Outlook 2010 and 2013 (for Windows)

A note about version differences:
Below instructions apply to Outlook 2013 with additional explanations and images where Outlook 2010 is different than 2013. For full instructions for Outlook 2010, please visit here.


1. Go to Control Panel and then click Mail.


2. Select E-mail Accounts… Under E-mail tab, click New...

In Outlook 2010, you should click Add... and then enter a Profile Name.



3. Select Manual setup or additional server types, then click Next.


4. Select Microsoft Exchange Server or compatible service and click Next.



5. For Server, type

For User Name, type in your UCLA/BOL Logon and click Check Name. The email address associated with the username should appear.

If your email address does not populate, you can try searching by your last name. This will pull up the directory. Select your name from the directory.

Keep Use Cached Exchange Mode clicked. This will store a local copy of your mailbox on your computer which causes your Outlook to load quicker. Click Next.


6. In the new window, enter your UCLA/BOL Logon with ad\ in front, then enter your password. Check the box for Remember my credentials and then click OK.

Please note that UCLA Logon may be different than your International Institute email username. In cases where a different username was attained, the UCLA Logon may not work. If so, try logging in in "intl_username" form. For more information, please contact the International Institute IST Services.


7. Congratulations! You have now successfully configured and can start using your email account on Outlook.