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Faculty in the News

Image for Gaspar Rivera-Salgado on racial discrimination among Mexicans
May 9, 2022. Speaking to La Opinión about racial and linguisitic discrimination among Mexicans, Center for Mexican Studies Director Gaspar Rivera-Salgado commented, “El tema del color de la piel o colorismo, tiene que ver con el tono de la piel y las posibilidades económicas, sociales y educativas.
“Tiene mucho que ver con nuestro pasado colonial y la conquista de México, cuando los españoles implementaron la jerarquía o supremacía racial que llamaron la pureza de sangre, donde impusieron el sistema de castas y cada grupo minoritario no blanco — incluidos criollos, mestizos y castizos — estaba por debajo de la pirámide racial”.
Image for Is Ukraine Europe
Mar 23, 2022. Writing in the Israeli daily Ha'aretz, Y&S Nazarian Center for Israel Studies Director Dov Waxman counters the argument that "the United States and its European allies are guilty of a double standard in how they've responded to the war in Ukraine and the Israeli occupation...
While there are some superficial similarities, there are significant differences between the war in Ukraine and the occupation of Palestinian territories."
Image for Close working relationship with China remains a U.S. priority
Feb. 21, 2022. "The U.S.-China relationship 50 years ago was largely about geopolitical issues of security and shared antipathy toward the Soviet Union. Today, the U.S. and China are in a much more complex relationship, marked by aspects of competition and rivalry but also cooperation and interdependence," said UCLA Burkle Center Director Kal Raustiala in an interview tih the China News Service. "[It's] important to actively seek out areas where the two nations, working together, can combine forces to better manage existing problems."