Faculty in the News

Image for "Parasite" and that curiously named noodle dish
Feb. 8, 2020. Jennifer Jung-Kim, Ph.D., who teaches Korean history and East Asian studies for the International Institute's academic programs, explains the misnomer "ram-don" in Bong Joon-ho's movie "Parasite." Speaking to the online food magazine, Food52, Jung-Kim — who is assistant director of the UCLA Center for Buddhist Studies — says the true name of the noodle dish is "jjapaguri," which is typically made by mixing two Nongshim noodle products. See the article for some fascinating details.
Image for Dov Waxman on Trump
Jan. 29, 2020. Writing in The Forward, the new director of the Y&S Center for Israel Studies notes,"Like so many of President Trump's proposals and plans that have been announced with much fanfare, his peace plan will ultimately amount to nothing.
"It will certainly not bring Israelis and Palestinians peace, since the latter will overwhelmingly reject a plan that is so heavily skewed in Israel's favor.... Nor will the plan unleash a new wave of Palestinian violence, as some of its critics fear."
Waxman's best hope is that by confirming that the two-state solution is dead, perhaps "we can start to seriously consider other approaches to resolving, or at least reducing, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict."
Image for The short & long game in the Middle East
Oct. 15, 2019. "Critics wrongly believe the U.S. can have its cake and eat too when it comes to Turkey, the SDF and the greater Middle East. They overestimate U.S. capabilities in Syria. They fail to recognize an increasingly complex and volatile area emerging in northeastern Syria," writes CMED Research Fellow Eric Bordenkircher in LobeLog. "The question that remains unanswered is whether the Trump administration can be strategic and leverage the U.S. troop withdrawal with greater Turkish cooperation on Iran."