Faculty in the News

Image for China should seize the opportunity to preserve wildlife
Mar. 23, 2020. Christine Loh, visiting professor at UCLA Anderson School of Management and chief development strategist, Institute for the Environment, HKUST, writes in China Daily that China should apply the same resolve it used to contain the coronavirus to preserving wildlife biodiversity. "China should take the lead in stopping animal trafficking, which is an international problem, much of which is in the hands of organized criminal gangs."
Image for Bernie Sanders & wishful thinking in the Middle East
Mar. 19, 2020. Bernie Sanders' proposed policies toward the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, writes CMED Research Fellow Eric Bordenkircher in The Jerusalem Post, demonstrate a poor understanding of the current dynamics of the conflict and are shortsighted with respect to U.S. regional interests.
Other recent Bordenkircher op-eds address the "Lebanonization" of the Middle East (The National Interest), the U.S. presence in Iraq (Fikra Forum of The Washington Institute) and current Lebanese politics (The Eurasia Review).
Image for Anne Rimoin catches us up on Covid-19
Feb. 28, 2020. Professor Anne Rimoin, director, UCLA Center for Global & Immigrant Health and a member of the teaching faculty for the International Institute's global health minor, is interviewed about the new coronavirus (Covid-19) by Bill Maher. Prof. Rimoin provides background on the disease, gives updates on what is known so far and cautions people to keep things in perspective.
Image for "Parasite" and that curiously named noodle dish
Feb. 8, 2020. Jennifer Jung-Kim, Ph.D., who teaches Korean history and East Asian studies for the International Institute's academic programs, explains the misnomer "ram-don" in Bong Joon-ho's movie "Parasite." Speaking to the online food magazine, Food52, Jung-Kim — who is assistant director of the UCLA Center for Buddhist Studies — says the true name of the noodle dish is "jjapaguri," which is typically made by mixing two Nongshim noodle products. See the article for some fascinating details.