International Institute Email on iOS

1. On your iPhone, go to Settings, then Mail, Contacts, Calendars and tap Add Account.


2. Tap Exchange.


3. Enter your International Institute email address and password. You can change the Description the way you want to organize your email accounts if you have multiple emails on your iPhone. Tap Next.


4. In the Server field type In the Domain field, type ad. For the Username, enter the first portion of your International Institute email address, then type your email password. Tap Next.


5. On the next screen, you will find options to sync different features of your Exchange account with your iPhone. Turn on the features you would like to sync in (i.e. Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, Notes). You can also select the frequency to sync your emails, and whether you would like to create automatic reply.


6. Congratulations! You have now successfully configured and can start using your Exchange account on your iPhone.