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Do you have an internship available for UCLA Students?

International Institute students are eager to explore the “real world” before they graduate. You can help them by offering an internship at your organization!  In general, internships can be paid or unpaid, can be on a short-term or long-term basis, can be local, national, or international (the latter two generally appropriate for Summer only), and students may be able to receive academic credit for their experience.

Note that for students who intern at for-profit companies, the Department of Labor and the State of California require them to either be paid and/or receive academic credit for the internship. Please refer to the Department of Labor website for more information.

If you have an internship position you would like to publicize to International Institute students, please send the following information to

Organization/Company Name:
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Location of Internship:
Hours Per Week:
Internship Dates:
Pay Rate (if applicable):
Academic Credit Available (Y/N):
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Additional Stipulations for Academic Credit:  Students may receive academic credit through the International Institute for an internship by enrolling in International & Area Studies 195CE, a 4 unit internship course. This course is designed to help students analyze the effects the international nature of our world has on people, cultures, politics, economics, and organizations. To be eligible to receive credit, students must work at least 8-10 hours per week during the 10-week quarter (please refer to the Center for Community Learning website for the enrollment deadlines for upcoming academic quarters, including summer) doing challenging college-level work, not simply performing administrative duties. To ensure that students receive a meaningful educational experience and professional mentorship, internship work for I A Std 195CE must take place at a supervised off-campus workplace and cannot be completed from locations such as the student's home, an employer's home office, or through telecommuting.  For more information on additional requirements of the student enrolled in the I A Std 195CE course, please refer to our Jobs & Internships page. 

UCLA subscribes to the national best practices for community-campus partnerships:
-Partners have agreed upon mission, values, goals, and measurable outcomes for the partnership.
-The relationship between partners is characterized by mutual trust, respect, genuineness, and commitment.
-The partnership builds upon identified strengths and assets, but also addresses areas that need improvement.
-The partnership balances power among partners and enables resources among partners to be shared.
-There is clear, open and accessible communication between partners, making it an ongoing priority to listen to each need, develop a common language, and validate/clarify the meaning of terms.
-Roles, norms, and processes for the partnership are established with the input and agreement of all partners.
-There is feedback to, among, and from all stakeholders in the partnership, with the goal of continuously improving the partnership and its outcomes.
-Partners share the credit for the partnership's accomplishments.
-Partnerships take time to develop and evolve over time

Thank you for your interest in providing meaningful and mutually beneficial internship experiences!