Outstanding Global Studies Theses

Minh-E Lau, Class of 2023

Winner - Steiner Scholarship from the Asia Pacific Center

Thesis: Chinese Immigrant Food Entrepreneurship as a Means of Cultural Preservation and Integration in the Disparate Institutional Contexts of Singapore and Los Angeles


Vanessa Young, Class of 2019

Winner - 2019 Global Studies Senior Thesis Award

Thesis: Evaluating the Impact of Economic Globalization on Political Polarization: The Electoral Consequences of the Global Financial Crisis in Latin America


Madeleine Ainslie, Class of 2019

Honorable Mention - 2019 Global Studies Senior Thesis Award

Thesis: Migration and Terrorism in Contemporary Europe


Brittany Eshelman, Class of 2019

Honorable Mention - 2019 Global Studies Senior Thesis Award

Thesis: From College Campuses to Twitter: An Analysis of Consumer Pressure on the Apparel Industry


Jenny Argueta, Class of 2018

Thesis: The Central African Republic Integration to the Global Economy: Globalism or Neocolonialism?


Susan Bean, Class of 2018

Thesis: Urban Agriculture: Greening the City and Combating the Food Insecurity


Paniz Arab, Class of 2017

Thesis: The Iranian Tourism Market and the Impact of Global Visual Social Media


Kimberly Grano, Class of 2015

Thesis: Friends of the Court: An Analysis of the Impact of Non-Governmental Organizations at the International Criminal Court 


Kaitlin Highstreet, Class of 2015

Thesis: Transboundary Protected Areas: Promise and Peril


Caley Moffatt, Class of 2014

Thesis: A State of Double Unbelonging: French Film and the Question of Beur Integration in France 


Jennifer Patton, Class of 2011

Thesis: Insecurity for the Underdeveloped World: Monopolization of Violence and the New Wars in an Era of Globalization


Mustafa Abudl-Hamid, Class of 2010

Thesis: The Kryptonite of Soft Power: Evaluating Soft Power as an Adjust to National Security Strategy Through the Lens of Public Diplomacy


Andrew Bertolli, Class of 2009 

Thesis: Globalization of the Wine Industry 


Aviva Altmann, Class of 2007 

Thesis: An Institutional Approach to Human Rights: Comparing the United Nations and Amnesty International


Download file: Final-URSP-Global-Studies-Thesis-al-c0f.pdf