Internship Academic Credit

Internship Course

Internship Academic Credit

International and Area Studies 195CE (I A STD 195CE) allows students to receive 4 units of academic credit for an internship. I A STD 195CE is offered through the Center of Community Learning every Spring and Summer. The internship should take place off-campus and may be paid or unpaid. It is expected that interns will contribute roughly 8-10 hours each week to their internship. To make sure your internship is eligible for internship credit, visit the Center for Community Engagement page

Credit for Major/Minor

Students may petition to apply I A STD 195CE towards their major or minor. Please submit your petition through the Petition Form for your major/minor under "Current Students." Please consult with your major/minor counselor for information on which requirement this course may fulfill.


In Summer, I A STD 195CE is only offered during Session A, and is a 10-week course. Internships must overlap with a minimum of 8 weeks out of the 10 week session to be eligible for credit. 195CE courses are NOT offered during Summer Session C. To enroll in the course for Spring or Summer, students must secure an internship and schedule an intake appointment at the Center for Community Learning.

Internship Funding

 Kramer & Siebert International Internship Scholarships:

Multiple scholarships of at least $1,000 will be awarded to students enrolled in the International and Area Studies (I A STD) 195CE internship course spring or summer who have secured international internships, or internships that promote leadership and financial literacy. Students demonstrating financial need and good academic standing are especially encouraged to apply.

Eligibility, additional information, and application available HERE.

International Students

In order to accept an internship, International Students must earn academic credit by enrolling in a course like I A STD 195CE. The internship needs to be related to your major or minor. For any questions about employment and choosing internships related to your studies, please contact the Dashew Center.