International Student Ambassadors

Are you an international student majoring or minoring in an International Institute program? Connect with our new International Student Ambassadors (ISA) for any international or academic questions! Throughout the academic year, our ISAs will be planning events and connecting with students through office hours and social media.

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2020 - 21 Ambassadors

Esther Li

2nd year Transfer, Asian Studies 
Home Country: Mainland China
My name is Yesheng Esther Li, born and raised in mainland China as an ethnic Korean. I came to America at age fourteen as a middle schooler in Florence, South Carolina. Later, after finishing high school in a Beijing's international school, I went back to America for college and recently graduated from Shoreline Community College in Seattle, Washington. My study abroad experience has given me a chance to force back in different cultures (Korean, Chinese, American), and allowed me to speak three languages fluently. Other than Korea, China and America, I'm looking forward to travel to more countries in near future! I enjoy international and real diverse place which allows people just to be themselves. I'm also passionate about exploring beauty in various ways and enjoy myself in piano playing and movies. As an international student, I'm passionate about getting to know people, to befriend with people who feel unspoken, disconnected and lonely. I dream that one day I can speak for the oppressed and people who are struggling with their identities, and I dream that I can re-unite people who feel separated from their own group no matter where I am.

Alex Kang

3rd Year, Global Studies
Home Country: South Korea
My name is Alex Kang, a 3rd year Global Studies major at UCLA. I was born in Busan, South Korea and grew up around the Twin Cities area, Minnesota. Fortunately, I’ve had the privilege of being exposed to diverse cultures and people since an early age. Through attending an international school for elementary and secondary education and through rounds of travels, all my life, I’ve been trained to subject myself to continual learning of international perspectives. Having personally witnessed and engaged in the recent acceleration of globalization, I’ve spent my last two years at UCLA learning the depth of this process that interconnects lives of people across the globe. I’m currently involved in multiple academic research projects and I aspire to be a part of a force in this globalizing world that ensures a fair and sustainable growth. I’m very excited to be working with international students and wish to be a helpful resource.