Image for Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China
Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China

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Image for Namdaemun market, Seoul, Korea
Namdaemun market, Seoul, Korea

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Image for Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo, Japan

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Message From the Chair

Welcome to the website for the East Asian Studies Masters of Arts Interdepartmental Degree Program at UCLA! Ours is a highly selective yet distinctively personalized program, integrating the expertise of over 60 faculty members at UCLA specializing in East Asia. We provide access to advanced coursework and language training with a program of study tailored to meet students’ individual needs. Here you can span the gap between your undergraduate work and your East Asia-related aspirations, building capacities in language and specialized training up to and including doctoral-level coursework. And you can do it while experiencing the unique character of Los Angeles and Southern California, where deep connections to East Asian cultures and histories are a part of everyone’s daily lives.
The individualized, focused work our program provides allows our graduates to prepare for a wide variety of career options. These have historically ranged from business and government positions to placements at top-level doctoral programs in a variety of fields—including those at UCLA. Our students come from a wide diversity of backgrounds and experiences, and coupled with the cultural richness of Los Angeles, provide an unparalleled experience in graduate study.
I invite you to consider the unique opportunities our program provides.

William Marotti, Department of History
Chair, East Asian Studies MA IDP