William Marotti, Chair, East Asian Studies


Michael Berry, Ph.D., Asian Languages and Cultures
William M. Bodiford, Ph.D., Asian Languages and Cultures
Michelle Liu Carriger, Ph.D., Theater
Torquil Duthie, Ph.D., Asian Languages and Cultures
Michael D. Emmerich, Ph.D., Asian Languages and Cultures
Andrea S. Goldman, Ph.D., History
Christopher Hanscom, Ph.D., Asian Languages and Cultures
Katsuya Hirano, Ph.D., History
Jennifer Jung-Kim
, Ph.D., ex officio

Kristopher Kersey, Ph.D., Art History
Hui-Shu Lee, Ph.D., Art History 
Seiji Lippit, Ph.D., Asian Languages and Cultures
William Marotti, Ph.D., History
Sean Metzger, Ph.D., Theater
Kyeyoung Park, Ph.D., Anthropology, Asian American Studies
Shu-mei Shih, Ph.D., Asian American Studies, Asian Languages & Cultures, Comparative Literature
Michael F. Thies, Ph.D., Political Science
Yinghui Wu, Ph.D., Asian Languages and Cultures


Students can click HERE for the list of the faculty members who are eligible to serve on students' committees. Other ladder rank faculty might be added by request and department & GDE approval.


Affiliated Faculty

Ursula Heise, Ph.D. Department of English
Namhee Lee, Ph.D., Asian Languages and Cultures

Hongyin Tao, Ph.D., Asian Languages and Cultures
C. Cindy Fan, Ph.D., Geography
Richard Von Glahn, Ph.D., History
Gail Kligman, Ph.D., Sociology


First Year Students

 Ava Simon

B.A. in History, UCLA
Hometown: Los Angeles, California

"I am specifically interested in the intersection of Western and Eastern Medicine, from the perspective of the East. That is, instances where there was a collaboration, or forceful implementation, of foreign schools of thought concerning medicine and how those were accommodated and changed to fit the existing frameworks in a given culture, specifically my interest lies in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan."

 Chi Zhang

B.A. in Chinese Language and Literature, Nanjing University; M.A. in Cultural and Creative Industries, King's College London
Hometown: Nanjing, China

Chi's research interests lie at the intersection of women, gender, and popular culture in contemporary East Asian societies, with special focus on comparative studies of China and South Korea.

 Chumeng Yang

B.A. in History, Tsinghua University
Hometown: Beijing, China

Chumeng is interested in medieval Chinese history and literature.

 Dongshi Zhang

B.A. in History, UCLA
Hometown: China

Dongshi is a Departmental Scholar who is pursuing the bachelor's and master's degrees simultaneously. Dongshi's research interests mainly orient around cultural history within the time scope from late Qing to PRC China, with possible research extended into a transnational direction as to incorporate the colonial modernity into the major factors constructing people's historical experiences in modern East Asia.

 Joyce Lau

B.A. in Art History, UCSD
Hometown: San Diego, CA

"My research interest is in the dynamics of embodiment and material culture, particularly framed through the lenses of Chinese porcelains and transitional periods in power, specifically from the Qing Dynasty to Postmodern China. I want to ask the question; what are the circumstances and ideas about personhood in particular points in history that contribute to certain choices within material culture?"

 Pengxi Eugenia Yuan

B.A. in World Literature and French Studies, Smith College
Hometown: Beijing, China

Pengxi's research interests are: Modern Chinese literature and culture; otherness; East-West literary relations and representation; politics and literature

 Rachel Bei Han

B.A. in East Asian Studies, Soochow University
Hometown: Jinan, Shandong, China

Rachel has a keen interest in exploring contemporary Japanese literature, particularly novels written by women, which delve into themes of gender, race, and the complexities surrounding cultural appropriation in present-day Japan. She is eager to engage with these narratives that offer insightful perspectives on these societal issues.

 Shenghan (Harry) Li

B.A. in Chinese and B.A. in Linguistics and Asian Languages & Cultures, UCLA
Hometown: Beijing, China

Harry is a Departmental Scholar who is pursuing the bachelor's and master's degrees simultaneously. Harry is mainly interested in contemporary Chinese popular culture, particularly 21st century Mandopop. He is also interested in Taiwan New Cinema Movement, (post-) White Terror Era, and the reflection of Confucius ideology in contemporary Chinese expressive cultures.

 Wan Zhao

B.A. in History, University of Toronto
Hometown: Shenzhen/ Guangdong , China

"My research interest focuses on gender and social history in late imperial China! My undergrad thesis is about the economic reasons behind the non-elite widows' suicide in the Qing dynasty, which means I have a more specific interest in women (or more specifically, widows) and the non-elite class in China!"

 Xiaomeng Yan

B.A. in Global Culture Studies, Duke Kunshan University
Hometown: Shandong, China

Xiaomeng's interests lie in contemporary China, from the Mao Era to modernity after economic reform. She focuses on migrant workers, subaltern studies in postcolonial global orders, and East Asian popular cultures including films, novels, anime, and documentaries.

 Yijie Wang

B.A. in Chinese Language and Literature, Soochow University
Hometown: Yangzhou, China

Yijie is interested in Modern & Contemporary Chinese Literature, material culture in China, memory studies and post-colonial theories. Her undergraduate thesis was focused on the relationship among objects, craftsmanship and memory in Ge Liang's novels.

 Yu "Bene" Zhuang

B.A. in History, UCLA
Hometown: Beijing, China

Bene has dedicated himself to exploring intellectual and social history of contemporary China, with a specific focus on the Cultural Revolution. He is also interested in various topics within Chinese philosophy and 20th-century radicalism, including critical theory, Marxism, nationalism, and the concept of subjectivity.

 Yue Wang

UC Berkeley, East Asian Studies
Hometown: ShenZhen, China

Yue is very interested in Chinese literature and culture, as well as studying Chinese Buddhist culture and history.

 Ziyue Wang

B.A. in Chinese Language and Literature, Tsinghua University
Hometown: Urumqi, China

Ziyue is interested in contemporary Chinese poetry and intellectual history, particularly that of the 1980s. He plans to purse research in the field of Chinese literary history, focusing on the production of literature in China's multi-regions and exploring the situation of contemporary Chinese literature in the context of East Asia history.

Continuing Students

 Alexander Perez

B.A. in Literature and Theater Studies, Duke University
Hometown: Tampa, FL

Alex's research interests include modern Japanese literature, film, and anime and how those works get adapted for Western audiences.

 Brandon Munoz

B.A. in Languages and Literature - Japanese, UC Riverside
Hometown: Helendale, CA

Brandon's research interest is in the influence westernization has had on gender roles and sexuality through the lens of Meiji Era and Post-war occupation literature.

 Jennifer Fagan

B.A. in World Literature and Culture/Linguistics; a minor in Transnational Korean Studies, UC San Diego
Hometown: Viejo, California

Jennifer is interested in studying South Korea's tradition and culture, particularly their cultural stories as well as how that manifests in their linguistic practices.

  Jingjing Fan

B.A. in Culture, Literature & the Arts, University of Washington at Bothell
Hometown: Shenzhen, China

Jingjing is interested in Chinese contemporary literature and films (since 1919), exploring the boundaries of themes and beliefs while holding on the threads of morality and histories.

 Jingyan Zhang

B.A. in Linguistics and Comparative Literature, UC Santa Barbara
Hometown: Dongguan, Guangdong, China

Jingyan's  research interests lie in Chinese literature, trauma studies, memory studies, and Linguistics.

 Jorge Torres Villalva

B.A. in Political Science, Davidson College
Hometown: Hilton Head, SC

Jorge's primary research interests lie in U.S.-China relations. He is fascinated by, and is constantly reflecting on, the relationship between communities, space and place, recorded history, identities, and institutional factors in East Asia.

 Julie Morris

B.M. in Flute Performance from Morehead State University; M.M. in Flute Performance, Longy School of Music of Bard College
Hometown: Independence, KY

Julie's research is focused on the transmission of ideas in Japan as seen in the ritual performance art of kagura and its impact in the ripples of society.  In addition, she is interested in how instrumental kagura was in the dissemination and unification of political, social, and religious ideas surrounding these prefectures both in pre-modern and present day Japan.

 Kaoru Kuribayashi Stanislaus 

MSc Marketing and Technology, Goldsmiths, University of London
Hometown: Yokohama, Japan

Kaoru is interested in the cosmopolitan ideology of the prewar Japanese American community in Little Tokyo. Assistant instructor at UteaLA.

 Luxiao Shi 

B.A. in Contemporary Chinese History, Renmin University of China
Hometown: Beijing, China

Luxiao is interested in the cultural and social history of modern China, with particular emphasis on the Mao era.

  Rucheng Wang

B.A. in World History, Boston University
Hometown: Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Rucheng is interested in the interconnection between Chinese historical and intellectual development. He has a special interest in Zhuangzi and Neo-Taoism which was reflected in the intellectual trend during Wei-Jin period.

  Taylor Shaw

B.A. in Political Science and B.A. in Art History, Sweet Briar College
Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA

Taylor’s interest is in combining political science and art history. Through her research in her undergraduate career, she was able to delve specifically into the symbiotic nature of what is occurring politically in China through the lens of censorship in Chinese Contemporary art.

 Xiaozhu Yang

B.A. in Translation, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen
Hometown: Hangzhou, China

Xiaozhu’s interests lie in pre-modern Chinese literature and intellectual history with special focus on fiction of Ming and Qing dynasties.

 Yifan Wang

B.S. in Accounting, Purdue University
Hometown: Tianjin, China; Los Angeles, CA

Yifan is interested in Chinese Buddhism culture and history, Buddhist Canon, Buddhist texts, and translation.

Recent Graduates

 Allison Robertson

B.A. in Japanese and Art History minor, UCLA
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Allison’s current research focuses on issues of gender, fear, and cruelty in supernatural setsuwa of the medieval period. Having spent much of her life as the lead guitarist in an all-female rock band, she is particularly interested in analyzing the notion of the public persona as it relates to perceptions and representations of gender and class in premodern Japanese literature. Allison's thesis is available here.

 Gary Hejie Huang

B.S. in Chemical Engineering and B.A. in Comparative Literature, UC Santa Barbara
Hometown: Gunagzhou, China; Irvine, CA

Gary's research areas include psychoanalysis of contemporary Chinese, Trauma Studies and Memory Studies, comparative analysis of literary changes under the democratic reform in the 1980s, and East Asian LGBTQ literature.

 Ishani Ghosh 

B.A. in Global Studies and Korean minor, UC Berkeley
Hometown: Pune, Maharashtra

Ishani is interested in researching depictions of cultural misappropriation/appreciation, sexism, racism, and colorism in Korean media.

 Jiayin Yuan

B.A in Asian Studies, International Studies, and Psychology, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
Hometown: Wuhan, China

Jiayin's research focuses on premodern Japanese literature, particularly on war tales such as The Tale of the Heike. She's interested in exploring the question of how people imagine and understand the society and the world they inhabit, and in doing so how they use literature as a vehicle to justify or challenge the notion of authority in medieval Japan.

 Moe Sasakawa

School of Letters at Nagoya University
Hometown: Fukuoka, Japan

Moe’s interest lies in the human-animal intersectionality in modern and contemporary Japanese literature. Moe's thesis is available here.

 Qingyi Sun

B.A. in History, Fudan University
Hometown: Shanghai, China

Qingyi is interested in the cultural history of 20th-century China, and her undergraduate thesis  was focused on female hysteria in Shanghai during the 1930s and 1940s. After graduating from UCLA, she plans to pursue a Ph.D. degree. Besides studying, she  finds joy in reading, singing, and dancing. Qingyi's thesis is available here.

 Ruochen Cao

B.A. in Korean language & literature and Sociology, Peking University
M.A. in Social Science (with a concentration in sociology and history), University of Chicago
Hometown: Beijing, China

Ruochen is interested in the intersectional dynamics of gender, class, and race in the domain of labor and works in the context of contemporary East Asian society.

 Yali He-Schaefer

Organizational Communications/TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, George Fox University
Hometown: Chenzhou, China

Yali's interests primarily lie in studying contemporary Chinese social reforms and initiatives and how different parts of society are involved in such efforts, particularly Chinese women and ethnic minorities. Yali's thesis is available here.

 Ziqiao Shen

B.S in Business Administration, Tongji University and ESSEC Business School
Hometown: Shanghai, China

Ziqiao is interested in gender studies including women in the workplace in contemporary China.



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